Spirulina | power plant protein

Spirulina powder is an alga that we have been using for many years at Orion for our shakes and smoothie bowls. Its beautiful green-blue color comes from chlorophyll and the pigment phycocyanin. This freshwater-growing alga has been around since the appearance of life on the Earth. Just like chlorella, it is at the bottom of the food chain, providing pure protein, fatty acids, carbs, and high amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Spirulina is known for its high content of protein. Depending on the variety, you will get 65 to 70 % protein. That is the highest amount found in any food on the Planet! It is a complete protein since it contains all the essential amino acids. This form of protein is also easier to absorb than animal protein (4 times more absorbable). You only have to mix it with water, vegetable juice or in a smoothie. You can also add it to your salad dressings, to your favorite chocolate or in an energy ball.

Why animal protein harms not only the planet but also our health

Most people believe that in order to get all the protein we need, we must eat animal products. Yes, meat does provide you with all the essential amino acids. That is why it is considered a complete protein. Although, protein coming from animals involves killing a life, destroying the environment, ingesting chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, etc. Eating lower on the food chain permits you to avoid all those toxins. Studies now show that animal protein is way too high in saturated fat and cholesterol, which is linked to the obesity epidemic, to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some degenerative illnesses, and cancers. Finding other healthier sources of protein like spirulina is in our best interests.

Organic Spirulina

Look for certified organic spirulina to avoid possible toxins. The powder should smell fresh, not sour. You can also buy spirulina in tablets or capsules. Follow the posology on the package. You should begin with a small amount (3-5 grams per day) and slowly increase to 10 grams per day. If you are working out, you can have more. It’s also important to incorporate some other kind of protein into your diet, like chlorella, hemp, bee pollen, chia, etc…

Having a variety of Superfoods in your diet is the best thing you can do!

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