Yoga and Healthy Living Retreat

Spend time relaxing, rejuvenating and enjoying treatments and activities at Orion Healing Centre, while following our unique Healthy Living Program. You will nurture your body, mind & spirit with daily Yoga classes and a rejuvenating session in our Herbal Steam room & Infrared sauna.

Let our vibrant food and fresh juice nourish and amaze you during your stay. Our extensive plant based vegan menu is famous on the island of Koh Phangan. The comprehensive menu at the award winning Orion Café will nurture you with healthy and delicious raw fruits, succulent salads, a variety of vegetables and juices that balance the pH in the body to help increase your vitality, radiance and energy.

Our Healthy Living Program is the perfect alternative for those not wishing to follow a Cleanse & Detox program. It offers a perfect opportunity to enjoy our peaceful, healing environment and use it as a stepping stone to more balance, health & vitality.

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Access to daily Yoga class
Unlimited Herbal Steam & Infrared Sauna
All vibrant meals from our award winning seafront restaurant
Daily fresh coconuts and juices
Holistic sessions and massages
Gain vitality, radiance and energy
Promotes stable weight loss Ideal for re-learning healthy habits
Supported held environment




    I did the healthy living program, and this place is just magical and right on the sea. You get freshly prepared and very delicious raw vegan food. In addition, you meet amazing and inspiring people there with the same attitude towards life and you can heal your body through many holistic offers and workshops.

    - Sofia, Croatia

    I was looking at the wrong things in my life, looking to answer the wrong questions for 15 years. Now I'm enlightened and have the way to move forward emotionally and spiritually and apply this to practical situations in my everyday life. This was so much more than I hoped for and expected. I feel free, I feel open and I finally feel like I will know what I need to do and what's best for me. The staff working at Cafe/restaurant are amazing. Reception very thoughtful and reliable. Highly recommend Orion.


    - Josh, puerto rico

    I was struck by chronic fatigue this year as well as a month-long flu that knocked me out of commission and had me deeply concerned for my health. Between the endless hacking up of mucous and exhaustion, I hadn’t opened my computer in weeks and months.

    I had an unshakeable brain fog and didn’t know when I would ever be “myself” again. I couldn’t face emails. I couldn’t compete simple administrative tasks. I just couldn’t concentrate and wanted to lie in bed. I haven’t been writing about this on Facebook because I literally didn’t have the energy and it also felt very personal.

    After coming back to Koh Phangan I just did a 4 day colon cleanse at Orion Detox Center followed by a three day water fast with colemas, daily sauna sessions, yoga, body therapies. I am in AWE and crying tears of gratitude at the results. As it continued all the yellow mucous disappeared which I had been battling for over a mth!

    -Christabel Zamor, Entrepreneur
    & International Breathwork Teacher 

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