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Orion Cafe serves an abundance of vegan/vegetarian, gluten- and refined sugar-free food. Where possible, we use organic produce from our own gardens and local farms. We are always looking for the cleanest and freshest ingredients. Our food and drinks are prepared in a way that keeps them nutritionally-dense and full of life-giving energy. Whether you are pre-cleansing, eating raw, juice-fasting, transitioning to a vegetarian diet, observing a Sattvic-lifestyle or looking for a vibrant vegan feast, we have a delicious meal to suit your needs.

An extensive menu of juices, smoothies, raw food, raw chocolate, and desserts are made fresh and with love every day by our experienced chefs. We reinvent old favorites – burgers, pasta, burritos, and wraps – giving them a healthy twist. And we haven’t forgotten about Thai food, reworking famous dishes like Pad Thai using raw zucchini instead of rice noodles.

Our smoothies and elixirs are packed with superfoods like Chaga mushroom, ashwagandha and spirulina, and our nourishing teas and juices are designed to complement the detox process. We prepare our raw nuts by soaking and dehydrating them to increase their nutrient density and activate their enzymes. All sprouted seeds, grains, nuts and rice are prepared in our kitchen. We use reverse osmosis filtered water for washing ingredients and cooking. For desserts, we serve ice-cream, raw cheesecake, chocolate, and nutrient-dense energy balls.

Our mission at Orion Café is to continuously innovate healthy cuisine. Our chefs are always looking for new ways to make healthy food really delicious and to increase the vitality of the dishes we offer. We are committed to only using natural salts, unrefined whole sugars, raw honey, mineral-rich maple syrup, cold-pressed oils, organic local brown rice, organic local soybeans and high-quality Japanese Miso and Shouyu. For cooking, we use ghee or a local rice bran oil, which has a high smoking point.

We make sure not to use any GMO products or sauces containing MSG, artificial additives, colorings, preservatives, and flavorings. Dressings – like our vegan mayonnaise and ketchup – are made by us, in our kitchen, with love.

We are happy to mention that we have been awarded as The Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Thailand by Thai Business Excellence Awards, South East Asia News! We are so incredibly grateful and happy to have been given this title.

opening hours: 7.30 till 11 pm

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