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Enjoy our homemade nutrient rich menu, bringing you consciously and lovingly-designed dishes, elixirs, smoothies and fresh juices. Every offering is specifically formulated to optimise nutritional value and maximise your health.
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At Orion, you will find an abundance of superfoods, as well as raw cacao, raw coconut sugar, pink Himalayan rock salt, organic brown rice, and find cold-pressed oils, such as rice bran oil, with its high smoke-point, avoids free radical formation.

You won't find any dairy, eggs, refined sugars, preservatives, pesticides, GMOs or MSG, and no palm oil, due to its production devastates Orangutan habitats and populations.
Our mission is to deliver the best locally sourced, unprocessed, sustainable and plant-based ingredients. We have consciously designed a clean and inspiring café environment which, like the food, is in harmony with our beautiful planet.
We invite you to join the Orion Tribe and experience the taste of plant medicine.
Opening hours 7.30am - 11pm

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