I just had initiation for Reiki first level Reiki and I’m feeling wonderful. This course includes the theoretical part and initiation which is a steam of cosmic energy and you get the ability of cosmic energy healing, which is wonderful. When I am receiving the Reiki I feel a warm feeling coming into my body and I’m feeling very good and comfortable, and when I am giving the Reiki I feel the warmth coming out of my hands and going to the person’s body. I’m feeling very calm, no things in my mind very very clear and peaceful. I am breathing and I am not thinking about anything….Just giving.

I trust Daliah, she is very powerful, she is a great teacher and she inspired me. When I look at her I feel that this is where I want to be in the future, healing someone and giving people the opportunity to be a better person. I have the whole of my life ahead of me and it will be different because I came here so I’m very happy.
– Serge, Russia, Reiki I

Orion is so much better than I dreamed it would be like. Here I found friends, guides, smiles and hugs. I will never forget the view of the sea when I opened my eyes after my Master Reiki initiation, nor the beautiful smile of my Master Ari. Orion is a family and a home. I will come again.
– Georgia, Italy, Reiki Master Course

The Reiki was originally why I came to Orion. Reiki I, 2 and Master Teacher; The Reiki has given me clarity and purpose and has opened up my heart. It’s given me the reason why I think that I am here. It’s a beautiful gift from the Universe.
– Byron, Australia, Reiki I, II & Master

Life changing! Amazing! I felt a connection to something I have never felt before. I felt pains for within me that I have had for many years have been released. Beautiful!
– Emma, UK, Reiki Course

With the magic of this experience you will leave here with love for yourself and an even more open heart
– Jade, England

I had an amazing experience! Before the Reiki course, I never thought I would enjoy it, but I loved it! Thank you so much Orion Center and Klaus! Thank you for giving me such a beautiful chance to learn Reiki.
– Jay, South Korea, Reiki I

Thank you Klaus for the Reiki. I am not sure I would have made it without your awesome energy sessions!
– Karen, UK, Reiki Treatment

This year, I have chosen Daliah again for my Reiki Master training trusting her guidance, knowledge and support. Thank you Daliah for your light and support!
– Gabriela, Czechoslovakia

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