International Women’s Day

Women enjoying international Women’s Day at Orion Healing Centre
Women enjoying International Women’s Day at Orion

Support your sisters, while rewarding yourself too.

International Women’s Day (IWD) isn’t just another date in the calendar to be “celebrated”. It’s a landmark reminder of the challenges and inequalities that women have faced throughout history and continue to face, to this day. 

Many of us now embrace the deep knowing that Mother Nature is the force that holds and supports us. Yet it’s the masculine energy of the modern age that has heavily influenced the way we have lived our lives. 

Things like assertiveness, competitiveness and adopting a “dog eat dog” approach, are all yang-like qualities that businesses tend to favor. But this leaves little room for our feminine strengths to flourish in the workplace.  

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen more and more women join our Yoga Teacher Training Courses, because they either feel the urge to reconnect with their “divine femininity” (Shakti self) or because they’re on the edge of “burnout” and are looking for ways to get to the root cause of the problem.

In the spirit of supporting our sisters, we want to help more women to reclaim their power and open up our holistic healing centre to those that you care for most. 

If you have a friend, daughter or fellow sister that’s ready to transform their life, then simply email our reservations team and not only will they get a 10% discount but you will also receive a 10% referral reward, paid straight into your bank account. 


Book our April 200H Yoga Teacher Training Course and the referrer will receive a reward worth 10% of the course fee. As a reward for booking, your friend will receive a 10% discount on the course price. 


To claim the reward, please email before making the booking. Please include your friend’s name and email address to ensure we can link them together. 

Discount and reward payments calculated in Thai Baht (exchange rates and charges may apply). Offer valid for 200H Yoga Teacher Training Course starting 2nd April and only applies to course fees (excludes accommodation costs). Promotion expires 1st April 2023 and is only applicable to one booking. As a business that supports diversity and inclusion, this offer is open to all genders.    

Referral Reward Payout

Referral fees to be processed via bank transfer or Wise payments only. Rewards payments are processed once the program has finished (30th April) and can take up to 3 weeks to clear. If preferred, the referral reward can be used to get an extra 10% discount on the course fee.

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