Effects of practicing yoga on your immune system

These days the news about the new strain of viruses called nCov-2019 is everywhere and the seeds of panic and chaos sowed all around the world by the media is a cause of daily paranoia for many. We know that people who get sick with any type of flu usually work long hours, don’t get enough exercise, are on a poor diet and don’t get as much rest as their body needs. It is also proven that we may have a higher chance of catching the seasonal flu when we are experiencing more stress in our daily lives.  

 According to William Mitchell, N.D., a naturopathic therapeutics professor at Bestir University, viruses live among us and we are always exposed to them. Something happens inside our bodies that makes us susceptible to them and they suddenly start invading our bodies and attacking our cells.

Yin Yoga for a healthy immune system

People who have been practicing Yoga for a long time all agree that Asana and Yin and restorative yoga practice boosts their natural body defenses against viruses and bacteria greatly. No matter how much stress your body through in order to keep up with your busy day to day activities, long time yoga practitioners have a lower chance of catching the flu. It is proven stress hormones compromise the body’s immune system and that yoga is a reliable tool to decrease these stress hormones.

According to Kathleen Fry, M.D., president of the American Holistic Medicine Association in Scottsdale, Arizona: “Yoga is unlike other forms of exercise that focus only on certain parts of the body. Yoga works on everything.”

How to stimulate your immune system

There are many poses that can help with the stimulation of the immune system. For example, Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog) helps with blood flow in the sinus area, Kurmasana (Tortoise) is good for thymus and the practice of Gomukhasana (Cow Face) Ustrasana (Camel), and Balasana (Child’s Pose) and Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) helps with a variety of lung conditions.

It is also advised that you temporarily stop your yoga practice when you are really sick with the flu cause your body more than anything needs to rest. With that being said though, according to Alice Claggett and Elandra Kirsten Meredith the authors of Yoga for Health and Healing, if you feel feverish, Sukhasana (Easy Pose) will help reduce your fever.

Meditation as a flu prevention

While it is well established that asanas are the tents of a strong immune system and viral disease prevention in yoga, it is also advised to practice Pranayama to prepare the lungs and respiratory passages for future attacks from microorganisms. According to Kraftsow’s Yoga for Wellness, Allergies, asthma, and viral infections are directly linked to a weakened immune response” caused by “disturbed, irregular habits of breathing.” We also know that meditative yoga reduces the chances of flu by relieving the body and mind from stress.

So, what’s the first step in an immune system boosting yoga practice? At Orion Healing Center located in the magical island of Koh Phangan, one of the most beautiful islands in southern Thailand, we believe whatever yoga practice you are doing at the moment is totally effective in boosting your immune system. The more thorough and professional your practice is, the more your immune system will benefit from it. At Orion Healing Center, we have courses that are carefully tailored to match all levels of practice from beginner yoga practice to yoga teacher training courses. Our bodies will never cease to rebuild themselves as long as the right conditions are provided which means it’s never too late to start your journey or enhance your experience. Get in touch with us today and learn more about our upcoming yoga retreats and courses. 

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