Turbo Charge your Yoga as a Beginner

There are a lot of different approaches to Yoga and people interpret yoga teachings and practices differently. Whether you are going to a yoga retreat you have planned for the upcoming holiday season or just begun taking your first steps into this ancient practice, tips from our professional yoga teachers and instructors at Orion Healing Centre can be helpful for your journey. Here are some tips to make the best out of your practice as a beginner: 


Seek an Experience Yoga Teacher for Advice

Most people need a small push when it comes to starting their yoga practice and some are diligent enough to start doing it on their own at the yoga studio right around the block or even at home. All of these are feasible options, but it is of utter importance that you go to a yoga teacher who has at least passed one proper yoga teacher training course. By getting advice from a yoga professional, you will at least know where to start, understand the basic dos and don’ts and get help picking the yoga method that matches you.

Pick a Good Time to Practice

Best time to practice yoga is always after you wake up, before having your first meal. It is advised that you use the bathroom, take a quick shower then proceed to your daily yoga practice. If you are not generally a morning person or this just doesn’t match your lifestyle, then the second-best time to start your daily yoga regime is early evening before sunset.


Make Sure You Know Why You Want to Do Yoga

We all have different reasons on why at some point in our lives we decide to do yoga. Some do so to supplement their spiritual practice, some for personal growth and others simply to maintain physical and mental balance. It is important that you know what exactly you are trying to achieve with the time and resources you are investing.


Yes, You Will Need a Sticky Mat

You have seen that yoga enthusiast in the neighbourhood who always carry around his or her sticky mat everywhere. This is a very important tool for some poses and there are good reasons to have your own as a beginner. Most people have balance issues at the early stages so it’s important to practice with a sticky mat to avoid injuries, muscle cramps and sprains. Having your own mat will also serve as your personal space when practicing in groups which matters a lot to some people.


Pick a Good Place to Practice

It’s always best to practice in a quiet place with good air quality to supplement your yoga practice. Try avoiding practice in direct sunlight, cold wind and in places with a lot of insects.


Consider Making Adjustments to Your Diet and Eating Habits

As a yoga newbie, it is important to generally go for lighter meals that is low in carb and rich in fiber. Try adding more wholegrains, oatmeal, vegetables and fruits to your diet. It is important to always go for a nice and filling breakfast and lighter suppers. If you are practicing later during the day, eating something light at least a few hours before your practice is always a good idea.

Take Things Slowly and One Step at a Time

Practicing yoga is like learning how to drive. You have to always remember that is absolutely okay to be a beginner and there is no shame in gaining experience. Don’t feel disappointed that your hips are too tight or you just can’t seem to get a pose right. Always keep in mind that practice makes perfect and taking a very fast-paced practice routine can lead to physical injuries before the body is fine-tuned properly.

A Simple Reminder

If you are considering a yoga retreat, want to become a yoga teacher or simply want to practice yoga while vacationing in Thailand, make sure you pay us a visit at the wonderful island of Koh Phangan. At Orion Healing Center, we have a variety of courses that would match everyone regardless of their experience, body structure, background, age, possible medical conditions or preferred methods.

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