There are many wonderful things that come with social media, like connecting with like-minded people, get some inspiration for dinner or reading supportive and encouraging quotes when you feel down.

But like almost anything, really positive aspects are likely to come with some downsides as well. For example, the addiction comes with digital assets like your phone, a tablet or a laptop. Did you know the average user checks their email every 6 minutes? You basically never take a break and switch off the online world, watching other people’s lives, reading messages, responding to missed calls.

We are not saying that all people are the same and necessarily live like that, but whether you only check your emails once a day or you’re spending hours on your phone liking Instagram pictures – there is an influence on you, your mental and physical health, your thoughts and your way of seeing the world. A digital break can help us step back and see clearly what’s really happening around us, get a clearer perspective on life and reconnect with ourselves. A digital detox can be also very beneficial whilst being on a detox program, like our 11 Nights Detox Program.


As the Internet and WIFI are almost everywhere nowadays, it’s pretty hard to disconnect with the online world. Every café, every hotel and basically each one of your friends has a router at home, and your city is very likely to have a good 4G connection as well and Thailand is no exception. That’s why we suggest leaving your phone at home. 

We know, you might say now, it’s not easy to do a digital detox at home as we still have to participate in our everyday life which is basically built on the usage of our electronics. Work, family, and friends are used to connect and communicate with us through our phones or emails while you are inside or outside Thailand. That’s why it’s usually easier to just take some smaller breaks during your day. Go for a long walk with friends, family, a loved one or a pet and leave your devices at home. Try to stay very present in the moment. Notice everything around you and connect with what’s going on with the world right outside your eyes, rather than through a phone. Or maybe you just start by charging your phone overnight in a different room so that you aren’t tempted to look at it as soon as you wake up.

Digital detoxing is beneficial for our relationships, productivity, and overall health.

Or, if you have the possibility, try to do a digital detox whilst being away on vacation. Best is to communicate going on a digital detox whilst being away so nobody will worry about you not answering their messages. If you do fancy a yoga retreat, check out our ones here.

Stick to maps, a proper camera for pictures (or just experience the moment and “save” the images in your mind), start writing postcards again. Stepping back into this “simpler way” of a holiday without any electronics near will ground you, center you and bring you profound rest and calmness.


A digital detox can be extremely beneficial to ease the mind and to help settle any stress or anxiety. The key is to start small and build it slowly if it’s something you want to add to your daily routine. Once you notice the benefits, it will get much easier. You will likely sleep better, be more productive and more focused. Also, you get to spend more time to get in alignment with yourself. Like we have explained in our recent blog post about detoxing, after some days you reach a stage we often refer to as “smiley Buddha.” You may feel more energetic and have a brighter vision. It’s easier to focus, and you are more emotionally stable. When you aren’t always paying attention to the outward life you create more time to focus inward which is also very powerful for personal growth and overall health.

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