Detox Resources

Recommended reads and must see’s

Book recommendations regarding health, detox and colon health:

  • The Tao of Detox, The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity - Daniel Reid
  • Cleanse and Purify Thyself - Richard Anderson
  • Dr. Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care: A Complete Program for Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management - Bernard Jenson
  • Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine - Gabriel Cousens M.D. The China Study - Colin Campbell, M.D.
  • Longevity Now, Eating for Beauty - David Wolfe  
  • The Beauty Diet, David Wolfe

Documentary & film regarding health, detox and environmental issues:

  • Seed, The Untold Story

Few things on Earth are as miraculous and vital as seeds. Worshipped and treasured since the dawn of humankind, these subtle flecks of life are the source of all existence. Like tiny time capsules, they contain the songs, sustenance, memories, and medicines of entire cultures. They feed us, clothe us, and provide the raw materials for our everyday lives. In a very real sense, they are life itself. Yet in our modern world, these precious gifts of nature are in grave danger. Without seed diversity, crop diseases rise and empires fall.

  • Heal Documentary

This film will empower you with a new understanding of the miraculous nature of the human body and the extraordinary healer within us all. HEAL not only taps into the brilliant mind's of leading scientists and spiritual teachers, but follows three people on actual high stakes healing journeys. 

  • Hungry for Change

From the creators of the best-selling documentary FOOD MATTERS comes another hard-hitting film certain to rock your world.

HUNGRY FOR CHANGE exposes shocking secrets the diet, weightloss and food industry don't want you to know about; deceptive strategies designed to keep you coming back for more. Find out what's keeping you from having the body and health you deserve and how to escape the diet trap forever.

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days is about 6 people with varying lifestyles and conditions but all diabetic – five were type 2 and one was type 1 and all were taking insulin.

  • Cowspiracy

Explores the impact of animal agriculture on the environment, and investigates the policy of environmental organizations on this issue.

  • Earthlings

A documentary film about humanity's use of other animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and for scientific research.



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