Yoga Teacher Training Thailand

Are you ready to Experience Transformation?

It does not matter if you are an experienced practitioner or you do not know which end of the mat is which at Orion Healing Centre, we will meet you at whatever level you are, we have different teachers that specialise and have all have a broad knowledge of the different types of yoga who are at your disposal to pick their brains and draw from their vast experience!

Here at Orion we most teach a multi-style of Yoga via our 200 hour teacher training programme By exploring different styles and ancient practices your own personal style will undertake an evolution which will lead you to be able to teach wherever you decide to go next.

We mix things up with classes, group sessions with expert trainers and hands-on workshops which cleanse the body and soul while you become a Certified Yoga Teacher. As you will find out if you decide to come and practice yoga with us  we delve deeply into anatomy, yoga philosophy with daily yoga classes with asana hands-on adjustments and modifications for injury-free classes. Our Yoga trainers try their hardest to create engaging, unique lessons which are also fun to really drive the information home so that you have the confidence to go and teach others the wonderful practice of Yoga.

We have courses running throughout the year so you can tailor your timings for your specific needs, the pace of life on Koh Phangan and maybe Thailand in general is a little slower than other places so most things are fairly relaxed around here! As you will come to find out, by doing our Yoga teacher training programme in Thailand, you will get to experience island life whilst you stay in your own private Zen bungalow which is right on the beach surrounded by jungle and all of natures wonders, included in the package is 2 vegan meals a day, prepared in our award-winning restaurant by fantastic chefs. We also provide all the practice materials you will need whilst you are here, mats and probs and manuals and anything else you need! Another bonus is that you are able to get real-world teaching experience through teaching yoga to the local communities across Koh Phangan.

Through our guidance you will become an authentic yoga teacher whose own practice is constantly evolving. We aim to provide both mental and physical strength through exercise and mindfulness techniques creating harmony between mind and body.

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