Yoga Retreats Thailand

Are you a total beginner or are you used to very intensive Yoga classes? Are you searching for somewhere to train as a Yoga teacher so that you can take a skill home with you? If you are looking for Yoga retreats in Thailand, then look no further than Orion Healing Centre.

We have specialised in training people in a wide variety of Yoga styles, whether you just want to learn how to practise yoga in an amazing environment or you want to complete your teacher training, then Orion Healing Centre, which is based in the idyllic island of Koh Phangan, Thailand is the place to come.

There are classes 7 days a week, so you can pick and choose which classes you want to do. They also don’t start too early, if you are coming to one of our yoga retreats Thailand for a holiday then you won’t be forced to wake up at 5.30 in the morning and you can have a lie in! What could be better?

We have 3 classes a day which you can attend, although all 3 might be pushing yourself to the limit!

We have a large staff of people who are fantastic teachers and guides, they will help you in all aspects of Yoga and meditation to make your yoga retreat a one of a kind. We aim to empower you as a person through support and guidance, the staff at Orion are happy to help you in any way possible to improve your practise of yoga.

Orion Healing Centre is situated in Srithanu Bay in Koh Phangan, Thailand. The centre has been created in a natural tropical garden filled with butterflies, animals, and exotic flowers. The village that Orion is based in is very quiet and a friendly place which means that our guests are welcomed wherever they go.

If you are looking for a break from our fantastic Yoga Retreat, there are many activities and things to do across Koh Phangan. Jungle walks, swimming in the Gulf of Thailand, travelling across the island. Koh Phangan is a peaceful place, for the most part, except for the full moon party!

Legend has it that Koh Phangan is situated on an ancient bed of crystal quartz and this powerful foundation is what makes the island a site of healing and abundant energy.

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