Wellness Retreat Koh Phangan

Feeling burnt out from work, pandemic, life in general? Have you thought about changing it up a little? Doing something different, if even for just a short while? How about a Wellness Retreat in Koh Phangan, Thailand?

Swap your office or place of work for our jungle retreat, we offer many different wellness packages to soothe the soul, calm the mind and boost your body health. Orion Healing Centre works with you to provide an all-round wellness package, designed by us but with your direction, it is your journey, we are merely the guides.

We have been on Koh Phangan for many years now and know the island like the back of our hand, we know that our small slice of paradise can transform people. The population density of London can be around 14,000 people per square mile, Koh Phangan has about 14,000 people on the whole island. Taking some time out for a Wellness Retreat Koh Phangan could be what you need, especially after the past couple of years and especially if you live in a city or urban environment. Orion Healing Centre is surround by nature, jungle, and animals. We especially love the night time on Koh Phangan, it is very quiet and all you can hear is nature sounds! It’s like having one of those wellness nature soundtracks but in real life. It is glorious!

You may have heard of Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party, but we can assure you that this is only a very small part of this beautiful island. Koh Phangan is a very quiet place, lush jungle spreads up the hills and blankets most of the island, where the jungle ends, it is replaced by amazing beaches with turquoise seas lapping against it. It is truly a site to behold. We can almost guarantee that if you spend any time on the island, you will not want to leave when you time is up and will think of it often, even after you return home.

The staff and guides at Orion will help you achieve your goals, whether it being reconnecting with yourself, learning a new skill (like our yoga teacher training), weight loss retreat or just general wellbeing. Orion Healing has been on Koh Phangan for a long time now, we have helped, trained, and guided thousands of people across the years to find some inner peace, helped along by this beautiful paradise island.

Please contact Orion Healing Centre if you are looking for a wellness retreat in Koh Phangan or Thailand!

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