Weight Loss Retreats Koh Phangan

With the global pandemic still rearing its ugly head, endless lockdowns, restrictions on going outside and closures of exercise centres; it is no surprise many of us have put on some weight over the last two years.

There are many factors contributing to weight gain in modern life; driving cars more, walking to places less, being in front of a screen for a large portion of the day without moving around too much, longer working hours, more stress (which can lead to weight gain through various factors.)  Highly processed foods and fast foods are a leading cause of weight gain across the world.

At Orion we aim to counteract some of these triggers to help you get back into a headspace of health and wellbeing. Our Weight Loss Retreats on Koh Phangan, Thailand will help you get there, through a programme of healthy eating, detox, and exercise, you can reach some of your health goals whilst being immersed in Thai culture.

What better place to settle into a well thought out and proven programme to help you get back on track, Orion Healing Centre is situated in a small village on Koh Phangan, our professional staff will help guide you through the trails of your weight loss retreat. Personal consultations will mean you get a tailored experience, a personal journey which in turn will lead to growth on a physical and spiritual level. By combining a plan of healthy eating and exercise, you can transform yourself over the course of your weight loss retreat, we have many different programmes to suit different needs. Longer or shorter weight loss retreats means that you can fit in one of our fantastic programmes, no matter you situation.

By combining healing and detoxification at the same time, you can feel the powerful synergistic combination that helps you achieve balance, well-being, vitality, focus and inner peace across your entire stay with us.

As well as weight loss retreats, we also have an intermittent fasting programme which is a rapidly growing movement across the wellness space, a fast of 8 hours and a period in which you can eat of 16 hours to help promote a more natural way for the body to recover, although studies have shown that women sometimes achieve better results on a 14/10 intermittent fast.

With all of our programmes, there are many extras included within, please do not hesitate to contact Orion Healing Centre about weight loss retreats in Koh Phangan, we will be more than happy to help you choose a programme that suits your exact needs.

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