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Yoga Thailand



Orion Healing Centre’s beautiful location provides the perfect environment for retreat, rejuvenation and the ultimate personal transformation. Situated on the magical island of Koh Phangan, with a pristine backdrop and beachfront yoga sala, here you can learn yoga in paradise.

Orion Healing Centre offers a variety of yoga retreats, residential training programs, intensives and correspondence courses for all levels, beginner to advanced. If you are interested in the life-transforming practice of yoga, this is the perfect place for you to do a retreat, or to study and gain certification.


Developed by our knowledgeable staff with decades of experience in yoga and natural wellness, our comprehensive yoga programs are dedicated to your well-being. We pride ourselves on helping our clients discover new levels of spiritual, mental, and physical health and happiness. Providing cutting edge courses and personal development programs, Orion Healing Centre offers a variety of course formats to meet each student’s individual needs.

Our retreat programs offer two yoga classes per day plus one meditation or yoga Nidra class. All courses are conducted in our 3 beautiful yoga shalas. One with ocean-view Beach Shala, our second in our cozy and more intimate wooden Jungle Shala and our third newest addition our larger acoustically stunning Circle Shala. All shalas equipped with new mats, cork blacks and straps we offer the perfect setting for you to venture deep into you personal practice.

Orion Healing Centre’s programs serve as a vehicle to provide individuals with access to the eternal wisdom of yoga through its practice, philosophy, and lifestyle.

We offer the following programs: Daily Drop-Ins, workshops, retreats, immersions and multiple Teacher Trainings each year.


8:30 – Detox Yoga (90 min)
9:00 – Ashtanga Mysore (120 min)
9:30 – Dynamic Hatha (105 min)
12:15 – Aerial Yoga (90 min)
14:00 – Meditation or Nidra (60 min)
15:15 – Philosophy (60 min)
16:00 – Hatha Heart (90 min)
17:00 – Master Class by Lead Teachers (120 min)
18:00 – Yin Yoga or Sunset Flow (60 min)
19:00 – Contact Improvisation or Kirtan (90-120 min)


During our evenings we offer Satsangs ( open spiritual talks), Kirtan (devotional singing), movie nights and many more activities always changing.

Please make sure to contact us or check our current schedule as classes are subject to change.

Link to current schedule >>

1 class: 400 Baht
7 day unlimited: 4500 Bhat

15 day unlimited: 7500 Bhat

1 month unlimited: 10000 Bath

10 class pass: 3200 Baht
20 class pass: 5400 Baht
30 class pass: 7600 Baht

Private Classes: 1500 – 2000 Baht (60 – 90 minutes)
200 Hour RYT Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training July 2017
200 Hour RYT Restorative and Therapeutic Training August 2017
200 Hour RYT Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training July 2017



Ben Makosch

Orion Healing Center 7Our Yoga Manager and full time resident Hatha teacher at Orion is Ben. For Ben the first moment he stepped on the mat he knew that he found his calling.
His practice started in 2008 with Iyengar Yoga under Joey Mascarenhas in Zurich. Joey’s precise style, teaching, and careful guidance set Ben upon his path. After three years of Iyengar Yoga, he felt ready to dive deeper into yoga and become a qualified teacher.
Ben completed an intensive 3 month Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand. The instructions he experienced during this training were deep and profound, which inspired him to completely shift his career direction and live upon his dharma.
His passion for yoga then took him to NYC to an anatomy-based, physical Vinyasa training. With these in-depth studies of two uniquely different styles of yoga, he honed his skills and combined the modern aspects of Vinyasa Flow with the more traditional forms of Hatha Yoga – energy/chakra-balancing and meditative yoga. Explaining the true meanings of asana, resonance, and polarity in a comprehensive way, he helps the practitioner understand the specific emotions or energies that are commonly set free in each posture.
Fusing these styles of yoga offered Ben a fresh approach to the ever-changing forms of a modern-day yoga class which is designed for the benefit of practitioners on all levels. He strives to present yoga in its spiritual, scientific, and pure form in a way that is transparent and accessible for the variety of practitioners today, creating a blend of slow spiritual traditions from the East with the fast-flowing forms of yoga in the West.
After 4 years in New York Ben has moved his base back to Koh Phangan, Thailand. Here, he studied under Lorraine Taylor and learnt how to work with energy movement during parts of the Ashtanga primary series. This immersion under Lorraine’s beautiful guidance has helped him fine-tune his flows even further, creating a complete set of sequences that work on a deep physical, mental, and emotional level for each practitioner.
Working, assisting and practicing together with so many teachers at Orion he draws from many different lineages and yogic practices.
Keeping a solid awareness of alignment, fused with elements of classical Hatha and modern Vinyasa, Ben guides students to move in a meditative flow throughout class, transitioning skillfully from posture to posture. The whole practice is a meditation through movement. Creating this practice while exploring and discovering different techniques of yoga, fusing them together, and playfully bringing them to the mat – Ben has developed his teaching into a pure expression of his true passion. Using intuitive touch on his adjustments and with your trust he can help you relax deeper into your asana.


Orion Healing Center 9Kat is also one of our resident teachers for many years here at Orion Healing Centre. Her yoga journey started 16 years ago when she fell in love with the practice in Austin, Texas. She moved to NYC in 2005 to continue practicing and training with some of yoga’s greatest teachers in the Big Apple including Leslie Kaminoff, Schuyler Grant, Dana Flynn, Amanda Smith, and Ariel Karass. After completing her 200-hour Vinyasa teaching certification at Laughing Lotus in 2007, Kat began a rigorous practice at Kula Yoga where she learned from the best of the best in NYC. Mama India finally blew her horn and drew Kat in to study in Rishikesh “the world capital of yoga”. She did intensive Iyengar training under the tutelage of the incredible Usha Devi a protege of B.K.S. Iyengar himself. Kat’s diverse background and training in Vinyasa, Hatha, and Iyengar have intermingled to create her own unique style of teaching. Her classes are a challenging mix of her passion for alignment and holding postures with a mix of her love for creative and slow flow. Never one to shy away from challenging her students, you will definitely go away from her classes with a good sweat and learning something new.

Katherine Bennett

Orion Healing Center 10Katherine has been following her curiosity of the essence of spiritual disciplines throughout Asia and South America for years. She first studied Traditional Hatha Yoga in Kerala (south India), and after spreading the love of yoga in her small hometown in Wyoming (USA), she headed back to India to study Traditional Tantra Yoga at Shri Kali Ashram in south Goa.

This Kaula system of Kashmiri Shaivism showed her that Tantra is a holistic spiritual science which enlivens the divine essence in all world religions – and through practicing this asana series, Katherine was able to integrate an experience of her true nature through meditation in postures, let go of fears which created a false sense of limitation, and program a deep sense of relaxation and peace into the cells of her body. At Orion, she shares Beginner’s Tantra Yoga and the Meditative Tantra Yoga asana series which profoundly shifted her perspective on herself and the cosmos – toward love, for all.

Katherine teaches Meditative Tantra Yoga and Yoga Philosophy classes at Orion.


Orion Healing Center 11Lisa is our one of our dedicated Detox Yoga teachers. She leads our morning classes especially designed for our fasting clients or those just practicing more relaxed and restorative on the day. Yoga teacher, therapeutic yoga consultant and yogini in constant training. She loves learning, exploring, reading, writing, moving and creating. Her passion for self discovery has led her to the exploration of the psychosomatic benefits and spiritual aspects of the yoga practice. She now takes great joy in sharing the healing power of yoga with others; helping to facilitate a deepening of their own journey and development.


I came to disconnect from everything and do as much yoga as possible…And that is exactly what I did! Vijay is a fantastic teacher who pushes me to my limits. The food was amazing and I leave healed and super relaxed. Thank you!

– Alexia, Australia, 5 day Yoga Retreat

Love this Place! 7 days of yoga just near the water. One of the best yoga spots on Island. Teachers from Europe. A very nice place to practice.

– AJ. Russia, Yoga Classes

I Love this Place! 7 days of yoga just near the water. One of the best yoga spots on Island. Teachers from Europe. A very nice place to practice.

– AJ. Russia

We were very impressed to see the practice of ancient yogic ayurvedic healing far away from India.

– Ved

Nice yoga classes, early morning Ashtanga Mysore style, then later in the morning an easy detox yoga which is great for people on detox and beginners, and in the afternoon a regular Hatha yoga class.

– Lotta, Sweden

I really enjoyed the Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga classes.

– Jane Pai

Here at Orion I took my first yoga class, and I know now that I will continue with yoga in my life.

– Autonia, Bulgaria,

Vijay took my practice to a new level.

– Lexy

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Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is the traditional style of hatha yoga popularized and redesigned by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915 -2009) in the lineage of Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya.  It has derived its roots from an ancient text called the Yoga Korunta written by Vamanarishi and leads the practitioner to understand the 8 limbs of ashtanga yoga of Patanjali.
The main components of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga are drishti (gaze), bandhas (locks) and pranayama (ujjayi breathing) named as Trishtana. In this practice of yoga, breath is synchronized with the movement, which is called Vinyasa, and its purpose is cleansing, producing internal profound heat and a profuse sweat that detoxifies the organs and muscles.

Dynamic Hatha

Dynamic Hatha at Orion is an intermediate class which focuses on deep breathing, stretching, and soft internal focus. Combining elements of Hatha and Vinyasa Flow in a fusion, this is a fresh approach to the modern-day yoga class. This is a foundational yoga practice with a graceful yet fast-paced rhythm. Classes can vary depending on our teachers. The standard program consists of Monday to Friday set sequences designed by our resident Yoga Teacher at Orion Ben Makosch. His daily changing sequences can offer you strength and balance. Be prepared to move, sweat, and be adjusted.

Hatha Yoga

Orions Hatha classes seek to bring students beyond the physical body (annamaya kosha) and into contact with the more subtle energies of their being. Classes combine static alignment based Hatha poses, graceful flows, pranayama, meditation, mudras, awareness of the chakra system, and weave the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras and other ancient texts among the asanas. Students are encouraged to hold postures long enough to become aware of the internal movements of their bodies and minds. This style of teaching is from the heart and celebrates flexibility of the mind above flexibility of the body. Our Hatha Yoga classes are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners seeking a slower alignment focused practice.

Detox Yoga

Relax body and your mind with an inner smile. This is a slow and gentle Hatha Yoga class for people on the detox program. A gentle warm up of the body, and gentle asanas (yoga postures) - most of which are practiced sitting or lying down for 1-2 minutes each. Our detox yoga is a slow Hatha class open to everyone at all levels. We will be focusing on pranayama, the connection with the breath, and on meditation. The asanas are detox-oriented, so she will guide you to get into the postures, adjusting you if needed. Students will be able to work on their digestive system, blood circulation, endocrine system, etc. so your body can eliminate toxins more easily. Nadine will bring you in a quiet and balanced state of mind to help you through your emotional journey of detoxification.


Our experienced teachers will lead meditators of any experience level through various techniques and exercises in concentration. Meditation can help you reduce stress, depression, and anxiety while encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Studies have proven meditation helps increase self-awareness, acceptance, and the ability to focus - which as a result slows aging, regulates moods, and benefits cardiovascular and immune health. Various meditation techniques can be helpful tools to shift perception and awareness to promote your happiness and health.

Yoga Nidra

In Yoga Nidra, students lie down in Shavasana (corpse pose) for an hour and are guided to a place of deep relaxation. In this state of softness, somewhere between wakefulness and sleep, the mind becomes deeply receptive. From here, students are vocally guided along a journey deep into the subconscious, encouraged to let go of anything that no longer serves them, and to set intentions for the manifestations they wish to attract into their lives. They are gently taken beyond the definitions of name, gender, and ethnicity to remember the magic of their divine origin. One hour of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to four hours of sleep. Yoga Nidra helps with insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, and is used in the treatment of life-threatening diseases. This deeply powerful practice allows practitioners to unravel limiting patterns and recode their minds and bodies with healing visualizations and loving affirmations.

Yoga Philosophy

Our Yoga Philosohy classes are held a minimum of three times per week. In these hour long classes our teachers will explain various yogic philosophy topics such as panca kosa the five bodies, Patanjali’s yoga sutras, what is Tantra, the three gunas and many more. Fun engaging and mind opening. Our classes are here for all yogis wishing do gain a deeper understanding of all aspects of the practice.

Yin Yoga

Yin is a very quiet, passive style of yoga in which seated or lying postures are held for long periods of time without muscular activity. Our Yin Yoga classes are generally held at sunset enjoy as light fades to dusk and the candles slowly illuminate the shala. Yin Yoga is about surrendering into the poses. Practice the art of letting go while releasing tension in connective tissues and fascia - where our traumas are stored. Physical tensions are the manifestations of our traumas. Be still, be in the moment, relax and release those tensions while holding the asanas for about five minutes each. Use straps, cushions, and blocks to deeply relax in whatever variation of the posture is most comfortable for you. All levels are welcome!

Arial Yoga

This is a gentle class focusing on spinal decompression and pain relief - but also core strengthening, balance, and alignment with the aid of a comfortable, padded swing. Total beginners and those with injuries are welcome to join, as no previous yoga experience is required. The class is mostly simple poses that anyone can do. It is a mix of traditional yoga, pilates, and physical therapy. With traction and inversion techniques, we take pressure off the bones, discs, and nerves to relieve pain and realign the spine. Then we build up the muscles with back and core exercises to support long term rehabilitation. The swings support the body weight, which allows us to hold poses longer, focus on alignment, and achieve advanced asanas with little effort. Aerial is famous for inversions or hanging upside down, but this is just a short part of class at the end.


Kirtan is a very different kind of music.  Based on ancient chants, it has the ability to quiet the mind if listened to with intention.  Everyone experiences kirtan differently, and it doesn’t have to be a religious experience.  You can think of it as a sing-along.  The wallah (leader) sings the mantra, and the audience sings it back. As you sing with each other you experience a deep connection with the musicians, the other audience members and yourself.  And when the music stops, your mind is quiet.

Meditative Tantra Yoga

This Meditative Tantra Yoga class will take you into a deep state of relaxation and allow you to explore meditation in your practice, and your life! All levels are welcome. Coming from the Kaula system of Kashmiri Shaivism (Traditional Tantra), this class brings balance to your energetic system.

You are not merely a physical body; you are a wholesome being! This is a holistic set of postures which build upon each other and allow you to flow in meditation with your eyes closed. Tantra Yoga is a tool to help you connect to your inner self so that you can trust the intuition of your body and express your true nature, and relaxation is the key. This asana series helps you experience and integrate this expression into your life. Come drop your conscious mind, completely let go, and allow your body to meditate in your yoga practice!


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