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Classes held: Dynamic Hatha, Sunset Flow, Masterclasses by Ben

All of Ben’s classes follow a distinct order and sequencing. His intention is to make yoga personally accessible to every student in his class whilst transmitting the true essence of the practice by presenting it in its purest spiritual and scientific form.

Through intense study and years of self practice Ben has fused a myriad of styles and traditions into his teachings. He shares his own set of sequences that set the frequency in which practitioners can enter into state of meditation in movement. He guides students into a flow, transitioning skilfully from posture to posture, bringing awareness to the innermost workings of mind and body. Ben is known for his intuitive adjustments and guides practitioners deeper into asanas and gently bringing awareness to the subtlest layers of the body.

Ben encourages his students to explore the true purpose of yoga asana in his classes. The core philosophy behind these classes is for students to understand the movement to and from the gross elemental, energetical, emotional, mental and causal bodies as a continuous contraction and expansion of vibration manifest.


Classes held: Ashtanga Mysore, Meditation

Ewa observes her healing journey as Art, Philosophy and Science. Personally, she follows the dictum saying that to be a guide one must to be the student first. Ewa practice since 2000’s and knows the greatest lessons a guide could receive from experience with variety of situations and students. The origins give priority to the path by the method of Iyengar yoga. From the very beginning of the knowledge and skills derived from the best teachers – G. Gubillaro, Gita Iyengar. Since 2005, Ewa directed her interest towards dynamic – Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (AVY), which became her daily practice. In 2007 she completed an intensive course under the guidance of Basia Lipska. Since then, taught AVY by traditional way with regularity and complete devotion. In January 2012, during a trip to India took an intensive course of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga & Pranayama in Mysore Yoga Shala Krishnamachar and intensive practice in Tattva Yogashala in Rishikesh. Since 2013 Ewa is student of Bela Lipat.

She worked with wide range of professionals, including yogis, dancers, athletes, climbers, as well as taking part in Academic Yoga Research Projects. With a strong background in Sport Science, Massage, Reiki, Intuitive & Transformational Healing Techniques, Ewa makes sure that all aspects of your being is connected, balanced and released. Based on understanding the needs and abilities of each individual, she inspires people to step beyond personal limitations and find the most efficient way towards the best version of yourself. Ewa is the master of education in physical education, with a taste yogi, an activist in favour of a healthy lifestyle, fan of natural medicine.


Classes held: Yin Yoga, Sunset Flow, Chandra Namaskar, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Yoga for Women Workshop

Miriam’s approach to yoga is deep and intuitive. Her intention is to guide practitioners towards their inner-teacher so that the messages of the body can be received. Her passion is to combine yang and yin practices in a complimentary dance that suits practitioners of all levels and meets them and their bodies wherever they are, understanding the ever-fluctuating needs of the human mind, body and spirit. She teaches what she practices: Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra, with awareness of the breath interwoven into every offering. Her passion for yoga has led her all over the world, to the mountain shalas of the Himalayas and the air-conditioned studios of Europe, completing trainings and intensives with teachers who have touched and inspired her love for the ancient technology of yoga and its power to transform. A gentle acceptance pervades her classes, inviting students to be with whatever arises, just as it is.

We have many more seasonal Yoga Teachers at Orion, please see our Yoga schedule.

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