Vitality Juice Fasting & Colon Cleansing

This program combines the effectiveness of our signature Fasting & Colon Cleansing program, with the benefits of additional fresh juices. Fresh juices are alive with energy, are nourishing and contain vitamins and minerals that help balance the pH (alkaline-acidity balance) of the body. Adding fresh juices to a detox program does not burden your digestion, it speeds up the growth of new cells and the nutrients in the fresh juice will be absorbed by your body to revitalize itself. Different ingredients bring with them their specific quality to nourish and nurture you during your detox program.

One of the most important benefits of fasting is that it thoroughly cleanses and detoxifies the bloodstream and lymph fluids. This leads to an elimination of toxins and waste materials from the whole body. In addition there are numerous conditions that detox & colon cleansing can heal. Our Vitality Juice Detox Program has the ability to relieve, improve, eliminate or heal: fatigue, irritability, arthritis, gout, bad breath, skin problems, headaches, depression, allergies, abdominal discomfort, bloating, digestive problems, back and joint pain, and emotional & spiritual blockages.

Besides the nourishing fresh juices, a Thai massage and Reiki session, a daily Yoga Class, meditation, and daily visit to our Herbal Steam room & Infrared sauna will also speed up the detoxification process by stimulating the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid.


Why is it so important to drink juices as pure and fresh as possible?

Ideally, our diet should consist of mainly alkaline forming foods and beverages, with roughly 20% acid forming foods. Cooked or processed food & drinks tend to be more acidifying. By increasing our intake of raw fresh juices, our body can begin to function at an optimal level, rebalancing the self healing capacity of the body, leading to the improvement of overall state of health.

The vital enzymes in fresh juice are especially beneficial for metabolism and are a great way to make use of the readily available enzymes without exhausting our own reserves. Enzymes lose their potency in time because of oxidation, and heating destroys their activity as well. These processes place an extra burden on your system, forcing your body to use its own digestive enzymes and making it overall more acidic.

Ready made juices purchased from the store might very well be heated in the process of pasteurization, might come from a concentrate and/or contain added sugars, additives and preservatives. These kinds of juices spike blood sugar levels and create an acidic environment in your system, which makes you more vulnerable for disease. Even when it seems to be pure, fresh juice, vital enzymes have been lost during storage. Freshly juiced fruits and vegetables are the most natural way for your body to take in vital and easy to absorb nutrients.

For the fasting & colon cleansing vitality juice program you can choose any number of nights that suit your needs and itinerary, starting at 4 nights and up.

All fasting & colon cleansing vitality juice programs include:

• Accommodation in a peaceful environment at Orion Healing Centre, Koh Phangan, Thailand
• 1 daily Yoga Class
• 1 daily Meditation Class
• 1 daily session in our Herbal • Steam room & Infrared sauna
• Use of our gym, with a small selection of cardio equipment and weights
• Thai Massage & Reiki Holistic Healing Treatment (see below *)
• 1 pre-cleanse day
• Any number of fasting days, with a minimum of 3
• 1 Private Health Consultation
• Post-detox information and guidelines for gradually reintroducing foods after your fasting days
• Probiotic implant and breaking the fast with papaya and bee pollen
• Filtered drinking water throughout the whole program

The pre-cleanse day includes:

• 2 Liver Flush Drinks, a potent mixture of fresh orange juice, lime juice, garlic, ginger, extra virgin olive oil and a dash of cayenne
• 2 alkalizing meals, 1 fruit salad & 1 vegetable salad to be picked from our special pre-cleanse menu
• 2 x 2 capsules of Chomper intestinal cleanser, to soften and break up accumulated waste material in the intestinal tract
• 1 fresh coconut
• 2 fresh juices


Days of fasting & colon cleansing:

• 5 detox drinks per day, a mixture of bentonite clay & psyllium husk
• 5 x 2 capsules per day of nutritional supplements filled with green superfoods
• 5 x 2 capsules per day of Chomper intestinal cleanser
• 1 probiotic capsule per day
• 1 fresh coconut water per day
• 1 herbal tea per day
• 1 healthy detox soup per day
• 4 fresh juices a day
• Daily Wellness meeting for guidance & support throughout the program
• Introduction, explanation & demonstration on the colema process
• Self – administered colema’s twice daily
• Colema additive options: coffee, apple cider vinegar, garlic
• Private colema equipment
• Filtered water for the colema’s

Day of breaking the fast & check- out:

• A probiotic implant to replenish the good bacteria after your fasting days
• Our carefully composed break the fast option: papaya & bee pollen
• 1 fresh coconut

* Thai Massage & Reiki Holistic Healing Treatment Included:
4 night program: 1 x 60 min Traditional Thai Massage & 1 x 60 min Reiki Holistic Healing Treatment
8 night program: 2 x 60 min Traditional Thai Massages & 1 x 60 min Reiki Holistic Healing Treatment

If you book a longer stay, you will be informed at the time of booking how many Thai Massages & Reiki Holistic Healing Treatments will be included in your specific program.

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