Vinyasa means “breathing system”, and Vinyasa Yoga is the fluid combination of breath and movement. For each movement, there is one breath. For example, in Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) there are nine vinyasas, or inhalations and exhalations. The first vinyasa is inhaling while raising your arms over your head and putting your hands together; the second vinyasa is exhaling while bending forward and placing your hands next to your feet. In this way, all asanas are assigned a certain number of vinyasas, or breaths.

Vinyasa Flow, likened to a dynamic dance, is a practice where postures or asanas are connected through the breath. Classes build heat, endurance, flexibility, and strength. The creative sequencing found in a Vinyasa Yoga class is often built around Sun Salutations. Vinyasa as a form is always evolving, and classes weave together wisdom teachings, poetry, and music that can inspire physical, energetic, mental, intuitive, and pure bliss states of consciousness. Previous yoga experience is recommended.

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