Top 5 Gift Ideas for Health Nuts and Yoga Lovers This Holiday Season!


 1. Posture Correcting Wearable Devices

A good one would be Upright GO Posture Trainer and Corrector. A perfect gift for the love ones that spend long days behind desks or have posture issues. You can easily find this device on Amazon.

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2. A Gift Card for a Memorable Retreat at Orion Healing Centre

Our Christmas special gift cards are probably the best gift you can give to the ones you love. Why? Simply because:

  • They would learn the ancient and modern techniques of yoga with guidance from our expert instructors
  • It would help them make meaningful lifestyle changes in their lives when it comes to stress management
  • They will enjoy their time here at one of Asia’s most beautiful beaches in a lovely and eco-friendly residence
  • They will enjoy a detox program here that not only cleanse their body and spirit with our soulfully prepared foods and daily programs, but also learn how to take these lessons to their everyday lives

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3. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Stool

Invite your loved one to take a seat and strengthen their core! Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Stool has an inflatable cushion which create “micro movements” that would improve both postures and energy circulation in the body. Just look it up on Amazon!

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4. Fitbit Versa 2

For a beloved health nut and yoga lover who wants to track her or his every move! This swimming and sweat proof fitness tracker keeps its eyes on the heart and exercise movements to make sure one gets the best out of their activities. You can always find good deals at your local department stores and of course Amazon.
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5. A Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

If the special one in your life can’t get enough hydration, then you can make the process much more fun and interesting by buying them this shatterproof fruit infuser water bottle from Healthful Hydration on amazon.


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