Tantra/Ayurvedic Tri Dosa Yoga – Kaula System

Meditative Tantra or Ayurvedic Yoga will take you into a deep relaxation and allow you to explore meditation in your yoga practice, and your life! Guided by the teacher’s voice, flow through the asana series with your eyes closed, and slip into a deep, trance-like state in your yoga postures.

Coming from the Kaula System of Kashmiri Shaivism – a Traditional Tantric lineage taught at

Shri Kali Ashram – this tridosha balancing asana series brings harmony to your energetic system. You are not merely a physical body; you are a wholesome being! This is a holistic set of postures which build upon each other and allow you to connect with and trust your body. Tantra

Yoga connects you to your inner self so that you can express your true nature while letting go of thoughts, emotions, and energetic blockages which manifest in your physical body. This asana series helps you experience and integrate an expression of your true self into your life. Come drop your conscious mind, completely let go, and allow your body to meditate in your yoga practice. All levels are welcome; perfect for detoxers!

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