Wellness Retreat Thailand

The past couple of years have been a disaster for mental health across the globe, people being shut indoors, with little to no access for exercise or being in nature. People in urban environments may have had no outdoor space at all to go out and be surrounded by nature.

If your mental health has taken a hit, perhaps you should consider a wellness retreat in Thailand? Orion Healing Centre is based on the small southern island of Koh Phangan, which is the second largest island on the east coast of Surranthani, Thailand. Koh Samui is our closest neighbour, a few miles to the south, with Koh Tao to the north.

Thailand is a fantastic place to visit as a tourist, traveller or to live! We have had quite a few people come through Orion who have settled in Thailand after visiting us. It is a country that truly takes hold of a lot of people, through the culture, people, food, and general way of life here.

Thailand can cause quite a culture shock if you are not ready for it! Bangkok is the place most people see first when they enter Thailand, is a vast, sprawling urban environment. It is not for the faint of heart, things move fast, and it is truly an assault on the senses, food, traffic, people, shops, lights. It is all going on! There are many different sized towns, cities, and villages in Thailand, all with different feels to them. Even the islands all have a very different feel.

If you choose Orion Healing Centre for you Wellness retreat in Thailand, you will come to Koh Phangan by boat, travelling towards Koh Phangan never fails to take your breath away with its beauty. The large hills, covered in green vegetation, soar into the sky, as you get closer, you can start to see the glorious beaches. Palm lined beaches are dotted around the island, separated by the hills and headlands sloping in to the sea. There are many fantastic beaches on Koh Phangan, one thing you will notice when you stand on the beach is how clear the water is and if you travel up to the hills, you can look down on the water and take in the beauty of the turquoise bays.

All of the people who work at Orion Healing Centre are there to help you in your wellness journey, we strive to make your stay the best it can be, and nothing is too much trouble. Our courses have helped many people over the years, and these are backed up by all the back of house staff, without them Orion would not be as successful in helping people. We have an award-winning café on site with nutritious plant-based meals to aid in your recovery.

Please do contact Orion Healing Centre if you are searching for a wellness retreat in Thailand.

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