Healthy Living Retreat Thailand

The last couple of years have been tough for most people, with limited social interaction, being in lockdown, and limited exercise opportunities. The yearning to travel, when you cannot, is much stronger than normal so why not try a Healthy Living Retreat Thailand. Orion Healing Centre is located in Koh Phangan, Thailand, we are experts at all different types of retreats, Yoga retreats, weight loss retreats, healthy living retreats. You can learn to be a yoga instructor with us or just dip in and out of the many classes we have on offer.

Healthy living is the key to a long and happy life, studies have shown that people who practice healthy living over the course of their lives have fewer medical complications as they get older, and they also live longer.

Our experience in Healthy living retreats and all the other retreats we offer means that you will get one of the most beneficial experiences you can for your body, mind and soul. We have various people who you can learn from at Orion, different kinds of exercises, meditation techniques, and what different types of food you can put into your body for energy which will help you on your journey throughout the rest of your life.

We run many different types of classes and sessions, every day for our guests to join in and practise Yoga or Mindfulness or breathing, we also offer other holistic therapies such as Reiki on our premises. Orion Healing Centre is situated in lush green jungle and close to a beautiful bay, one of many you can find on Koh Phangan. There is lots to do on Koh Phangan whilst you are here, we recommend being in nature, experiencing the sights and sounds of this wonderful tropical island.

We also offer digital detox retreats to get back to a slightly simpler way of living, however, our accommodation has all the mod cons you could expect from the modern world. Things like Wi-Fi and A/C, which is very helpful in the hot tropical climate of Thailand.

There is an award-winning café on our site which serves plant-based meals that will fuel you whilst you are at Orion Healing Centre doing your Healthy living retreat. The café is open throughout the day and into the evening which means you can have all your meals without leaving the residence.

If you are searching for a way to get started on your healthy living journey, please contact Orion Healing Centre about our Healthy living retreats in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

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