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I am interested in the Reiki 1 course and would like to know the duration of the course, and how many hours in each day?
Reiki 1 is taught over 2 days. The first day is approx. 3/4 hours of mostly theoretical information, e.g., what can Reiki heal, how it works, what we can use it for, how we can heal ourselves and others, how we can use Reiki as a tool to develop our intuition, and the history of Reiki and 5 principles. The second day is a full day and it is more practical. Hand positions, charkras/ energy centres of the body, attunement to the Reiki energy and lots of practice. Hours are approximately: Day one 11 – 2:00, Day two 11 – 3.30. You will receive a textbook & certificate.

Is it possible to learn REIKI 1, 2, & MASTER altogether?
Yes. Reiki 1 – Master can be studied together. It is a concentrated course with a time investment on your part and a lot of practice. Because of the energetic shifts happening in the world and the heightened levels of consciousness and healing, we are raising our vibration collectively. This means that people are more ready to learn Reiki healing. Long periods of time are not necessary for everyone between each level. Some people will take to this healing method naturally (as though it were second nature), and will feel instantly ready to progress to the next level. You will feel is this is correct for you to move on and we as your ReikiTeachers will also have to feel if moving to the next level is appropriate for you. The first level is merely a gateway to the Universal energy. Reiki II includes learning tools and symbols for healing as well as Chakra balancing. It is expected for people to feel the energetic body whilst giving a treatment, before moving onto Reiki II. Reiki Master includes more symbols to enhance the Reiki energy and Master Teacher is learning the art of initiations.

How long is the Reiki Master Teacher course?
Our Reiki Master program takes 4 days. We also encourage students to stay on for longer and observe how we teach following workshops and to practice the art of initiations.

Can I do a Reiki course while cleansing?
Yes. From our experience the fusion of Reiki and colemas is extremely powerful and beneficial. For 21 days after initiation to Reiki there is a natural detoxification and purification happening in the body, which aids the colonic cleansing process. When we are fasting we can access higher spiritual levels, as we are very sensitive to energy. People initiated into Reiki at these times have profound experiences. Higher energy levels are present in cleansers who partake in our Reiki courses, as Reiki adds Qi (life force) to the body. Reiki also aids the release of emotional waste, which is eliminated during cleansing. Please see Alchemy retreat program for more info.

How do I make a reservation for one of your programs?
Within 2 days of submitting your request, we will advise you of availability. We require a 10% deposit to book programs with the balance payable in THB cash on arrival. There is a minimum of 3 persons requirement to run Reiki 1, 2 and 3 course.

How do I pay the deposit for a program?
This is made via Pay Pal or bank transfer (inside Thailand only) to our account. Details will be given at the time of booking. There is a small service charge when using Pay Pal.

Can I withdraw money easily in Thailand?
There are many ATM machines in Thailand so bringing large amounts of cash is generally unnecessary.

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