Reiki Certificate Courses

Learn the technique that you can use to heal yourself and others, using the Divine Universal Life Force Energy that is your birthright. Our Reiki courses start at Beginner level I, and go all the way up to Reiki IV Master Teacher training. Courses range from two to four days.

Daliah and Ari have initiated thousands of people worldwide. Ari was the first Reiki teacher on the island, back in 2000 and together they have initiated many of the healers on this magical island into their Reiki linage.

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Reiki I workshop layout:

Day 1
• The History of Reiki
• Orion Reiki
• How, When, Why & What we can use Reiki for
• Using Reiki for Wellness
• Reiki Lineage
• The Five Reiki Principles
• Divine Love’s Secret

Day 2
• The Chakra System
• Attunement into Reiki
• Traditional Usui hand positions
• Intuitive Healing
• How to give Reiki to yourself and others
• Reiki Group Healing practice
• Reiki share

Reiki II workshop layout:

Day 1
• Reiki Symbols – Information, discussion and practice to draw
• The Psyche Position
• Chakra Balancing
• Using a Pendulum and Crystal Rod

Day 2
• Attunement into 3 symbols
• Distance Healing
• Practice and Group Healing
With all our courses, practice and gaining experience is the most important component.

Reiki Master Teacher workshop layout:

Day 1

  • The course begins with the theoretical aspect. This is important as it sets the stage for the more practical and spiritual aspect of Reiki.
  • Introduction to teaching the practical aspect of Reiki 1 & 2
  • Teach the Master symbols

Day 2

  • 1st Attunement for Reiki Master Level into the first 3 symbols, Practice a treatment with the symbols
  • Go through how to teach Reiki Level 1
  • Go through the more practical aspect of teaching Reiki I eg hand positions, doing a self-healing treatment and a treatment for others
  • Teach students how to teach Reiki 2- Go through the Practical aspect of teaching Reiki II eg Teach how to teach the symbols

Day 3-4:

  • Second initiation to symbols, Practice initiations with students. Teach students how to teach Chakra balancing, The Psyche Position, Giving Reiki to objects, food and situations, Using a pendulum, using a crystal rod
  • The art of Teaching Reiki Master Level
  • Introduction to teaching the practical aspect of Reiki Master
  • Teach the art of giving initiations. Practice initiations with students. How to preform long distance initiation & group initiations.
  • Encouraging students to develop your own style and order of teaching.

We teach and initiate students into six symbols over the course of 2 Attunements for Reiki Master Teacher Level

If someone is only doing Reiki Master (Reiki III) we teach and attune: 3 Reiki Master symbols and practice.



I was so lucky to be able to take part in Lewis’ level 2 Reiki attunement class. He is such a grounded, knowledgeable, playful teacher who teaches from the heart and helped me to feel confident in moving into the next step along my Reiki path. It was such a magical way to begin 2019. I highly recommend Lewis if you are interested in beginning or continuing your Reiki journey.

Laura, United kingdom


A beautiful spiritual retreat full of lovely people with the sea and stunning scenery right on your doorstep!

I had an amazing time at my 11 day retreat at Orion in October 2018. I did the 11 day detox and combined it with my Reiki 1&2 certificates. The course was wonderful and I thoroughly recommend our Reiki master and trainer Yvonne, she was so helpful and kind and got to know us all and made us feel very welcome. She so genuinely cares about her students, helping us on our spiritual paths with patient love and guidance. Her energy and love for Reiki is beautiful. I hope to return to Yvonne for Reiki Master training and another retreat at Orion.

Rhiannon - UK


Reiki 1 & 2 with detox

I cannot recommend enough to visit the Orion center in Koh Phangan and do the Reiki levels 1& 2. I was there for 11 day detox and had the chance to meet Yvonne, an amazing Reiki master. She is such a grounded wonderful woman, with so much to share and with the best energy i ever felt. The Reiki course was an amazing experience for grounding and tuning into my energy. Best choice i made for myself.

Emeline - France


Reiki I course: Yvonne as Reiki master teacher

In Nov ‘18 i was so blessed having Yvonne as my Reiki teacher who is so patient, non judgmental and so enthusiastic. She had a lot of knowledge and explained it all so clear. I love to come back to her for my Reiki 2! Xoxo Ellen

Ellen - Netherlands


Reiki Master Training 

Came to Orion as a complete Novice, Left as Reiki Master! The level of training and attention that the teachers gave me was second to none coupled with the fact that these teachers truly are masters in their field. This has literally changed my life! Massive thank you to Yvonne and Daliah for making this happen. I have learnt so much.

Monika - UK


Amazing Reiki training with Yvonne 

Last year in September I did my Reiki Level I training with Yvonne, who is am amazing Reiki Master who provided me with all information and techniques to start my Reiki journey.
Yvonne has intensive knowledge about Reiki and has a very kind and calming attitude towards her students.
She really stands behind the values of Reiki and cares about spreading it out to the world and sharing it with others.
The attunement was very powerful and she cared about creating a warm atmosphere.
I have been practicing Reiki on myself ever since and experienced a deeper connection to myself and observed positive changes in my behaviour.
I can only recommend doing the Reiki Course with Yvonne! Thank you for the great journey with you, Yvonne!

Deria F 2


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