Reiki Courses

Reiki is a powerful vehicle for self-development and a wonderful tool for healing oneself and others. We teach all levels of Reiki and run trainings and apprenticeship programs for Reiki Masters. In order to become a Reiki Master / Teacher you have to complete all levels of Reiki initiations. All courses have a 3 person minimum requirement to run, otherwise they can be taught as a private course.

Reiki Level I
Duration of program 2 days. Price before: 7000 THB. Now: *5500 THB.
1:1 Course with Ari Barkan Grand ReikiMaster – 10,000 THB.

Reiki Level II
Duration of program 2 days. Price before: 9,000 THB. Now: *7700 THB.
1:1 Course with Ari Barkan Grand ReikiMaster – 13,000 THB.

Reiki Level III Master
Duration of program 2 days. Price before: 15,000 THB. Now: *12,000 THB.
1:1 Course with Ari Barkan Grand ReikiMaster – 20,000 THB.

Reiki IV Teacher
Duration of program 2 days. Price before: 15,000 THB. Now: *12,000 THB.
Course with Ari Barkan Grand ReikiMaster – 20,000 THB.

Reiki III & IV Master Teacher Price before: 26,000 THB. Now: *24,500 THB.

*Promotional price running from July 1st to Nov 26th 2018.

Reiki Master Courses

We encourage Reiki healers to become teachers and spread the seeds of Reiki globally. Following Reiki Master Courses, pupils are encouraged to stay at Orion for an apprenticeship and an opportunity to practice the teachings in order to gain insight into healing, experience and confidence.

Reiki and Healing with Crystals Workshop
Duration of program 3 days – 7000 THB. Private course – 10,000 THB
Reiki I and Healing with Crystals
Duration of program 5 days – 14,000THB. Private course – 20,000 THB
Reiki Level I, Level II & Healing with Crystals
Duration of program 7 Days – 23,000 THB. Private course – 30,000 THB
Re-initiation for Reiki or Initiation into Orion Reiki for existing Reiki Practitioners
Session length is between 30 Mins/1 hour – 3500 THB
Reiki for Kids
Duration of program 1 day – 5000 THB

Please confirm your place prior to arrival.

Our program teaches you to access your inner guidance to life through the Universal Energy of Reiki, and allows you to become master of your higher self. You will learn how to tap into the infinite source of energy, and to prevent and release energy blockages. Reiki attunements are available for all levels: Reiki I, II, III and Master Teacher.

Reiki I workshop layout:

Day 1
• The History of Reiki
• Orion Reiki
• How, When, Why & What we can use Reiki for
• Using Reiki for Wellness
• Reiki Lineage
• The Five Reiki Principles
• Divine Love’s Secret

Day 2
• The Chakra System
• Attunement into Reiki
• Traditional Usui hand positions
• Intuitive Healing
• How to give Reiki to yourself and others
• Reiki Group Healing practice
• Reiki share

Reiki II workshop layout:

Day 1
• Reiki Symbols – Information, discussion and practice to draw
• The Psyche Position
• Chakra Balancing
• Using a Pendulum and Crystal Rod

Day 2
• Attunement into 3 symbols
• Distance Healing
• Practice and Group Healing

With all our courses, practice and gaining experience is the most important component.

Reiki Master/Teacher Program

The Reiki Mastership program is built individually to suit the needs of each pupil. Our Reiki Mastership program is divided into Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher, which is best learnt as one unit but can be split into two levels. The sacred initiation ritual is taught along with 9 unique symbols and students are given opportunity to practice initiation for all levels of Reiki. Teacher Level Reiki students are invited to extend their stay and observe us teaching Reiki courses and to practice treatments and initiations following completion of their Mastership course. Reiki Master/Teacher Program is taught on request.

Chakra Healing Using Crystals and Gemstones

Learn about the Chakra system as a tool for diagnosis and healing, Gemstone medicine. The healing properties of crystals and techniques for using stones and crystals on the body. The course includes lots of hands on experience and practice. This course can be taken as an additional course to Reiki.

Reiki for Children

Children can be easily attuned to Reiki for self-healing and for giving energy to others. Reiki Practice empowers children in caring for themselves and others. They learn self-care and self-reliance, because they can use the energy to help themselves wherever they are at any time. They also learn valuable lessons in compassion, through learning to give healing energy to family, friends and others. Reiki is extremely beneficial for children because they are so sensitive and receptive to energy. It helps them to relax and balances their energy. Reiki is the perfect system for children to learn to tap into the Universal energy. Reiki for Children can be taught as a 1:1 course

Reiki Attunements at Orion Healing Centre

It is not necessary to wait in between attunements to Reiki. It is necessary that you check in with yourself and your Teachers, to feel whether you should progress to the next attunement. In Orion Healing Center we teach Reiki as a tool for self-awareness and self-Mastery, which includes knowing when you are ready to receive new tools necessary for your growth.I always tell students that after completing Reiki one, you will know if you should progress to Reiki two.

After receiving the first attunementwe found that many students were deeply in the energy flow of level one and so they seemed to be boosted even higher when they received level two. The closer they were taught, the greater benefit the students seemed to receive. So I eventually began teaching them together in the space of 3 or 4 days. Reiki can only do good, and will never cause harm to the student.

Also, by teaching them together as one extended course, the students receive the second degree symbols right away and can start using them to heal themselves more deeply and to help others with their stronger Reiki and through distant treatments. I explain it like a phone with apps. Reiki one connects us with the flow of Divine energy, Reiki two gives us symbols and tools or “apps” which allow us to do many more things with this energy- Making it more functional and allowing us to work with this energy deeper. Level two also increases the flow of energy through the body and students are able to feel the Reiki more clearly, which encourages more practice.

In addition, it must be kept in mind, Dr. Usui taught the complete system of Reiki as one level, passing it on to others exactly how he had received it. It was Dr. Hayashi who broke the system up into three levels. Also, it is important to know that occasionally Mrs. Takata taught level one and two together sometimes in the same day. The idea that you must wait three months between levels is a new idea that some Reiki Master have decided to make into ridged rule. It is not based on how Dr. Usui or even on how Mrs. Takata taught.

I have found greater benefit for the students in teaching courses together and so too have students. The Reiki Masters we train are not required to teach them together and can teach them with as much or as little time between level one and two as they choose.
Our classes are well organized workshops that contain both theory and the practice time in class, are reasonably priced and emphasize the spiritual purpose of Reiki.

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