Refreshing Tropical Sorbet


When you go back home and that you are craving something sweet, try this delicious dairy free sorbet. Its tropical taste will remind you of the island!


You can make this recipe with any fruit you like. I like to use bananas as a base, for their creamy texture. I usually keep a bunch of fruits in my freezer, for a quick shake or a crave for ice cream. I cut them into small pieces so that they are easy to pulverize. When it is the blueberry season, you will find me in the forest, filling all my containers! Same same when it is strawberry or raspberry season. When the fruit on my counter are looking too ripe, i cut them and freeze them. That way, i do not waste anything!

Today, I made a Pineapple and banana sorbet, which was amazing!I used the same amount of both fruit (about 2 banana for 2 handful of pineapple). In a blender, I mixed them with a bit of almond milk and maple syrup. I could have use any other type of natural sweetener, like agave or raw honey…. But i am from Quebec where you can find hundreds of maple farms!! We would die for maple syrup there! I use it for everything, it is so yummy!

I toped my sorbet with some cacao nibs and shredded coconut. Enjoy!

sorbet3 sorbet4sorbet5

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