We have been teaching Reiki in Thailand and around the world for the last 20 years. This very special time, where we need to expedite the process of this awakening. One of these ways is by spreading these teaching far and wide,

“Attunements are shared tools for our era, as we earth-beings seek a shift to a higher level of consciousness; To become transmitters of light, and channels for healing.” Daliah

Reiki courses can be scheduled online, via zoom on an individual basis. We also have Bi monthly Online Reiki retreats that we will publish on our newsletter. SIGN UP

Please state what level you would like to take. If you are requesting level 2 and above please provide us with some history about Reiki courses previously taken.


You will be provided with a –

Downloadable course manual

Course instruction via zoom

Long distance Reiki Attunement

Practice session

Reiki Session with Masters Daliah or Ari *

Reiki Level I

Duration of program 2 days –7000 THB

Reiki Level II

Duration of program 2 days – 9,000 THB

Reiki Level III/ Master

Duration of program 2 days – 15,000 THB

Reiki III & IV Master Teacher

Duration of program 4 days – 25,000 THB

Reiki 1 – Master Teacher

Duration of program 9 days (these can be spaced out into 3 months) – 41 000 THB

Worldwide Orion Reiki Family Promotion

+ Take 15% Off Single Course (Reiki I- 5950 THB, Reiki II – 7650 THB, Reiki III 12,750 THB, Reiki Master Teacher III and IV- 21,250 THB)


+ Take 30% Off All Courses (Reiki I – Master Teacher – 28,700 THB)

*When all courses are booked


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To schedule an online course please contact us directly at

Please state the time zone that you are in and any background in the Reiki linage.

If you would like to book an online course with Ari or Daliah please email

“But here’s the secret most educators and students don’t yet know: done right, online education is surprisingly intimate. Over and over, we find that group work online creates strong team bonds in amazingly short periods of time. After all, many of our students grew up cultivating and navigating their social lives on screens and keyboards.”

Professor Larry DeBrock, Norma Scagnoli Fataneh Taghaboni-Dutta University of Illinois’ Gies College of Business iMBA program


DrChujiro Hayashi
Phyllis Lei Furumoto, and Swami AnandSirdjandar
Fokke Brink, Hans Treffers Ma PremChandira
IrynaParitoshForostyan/Ute Eikermann

Teachers at Orion Healing Centre

Ari Barkan – Grand Reiki Master
Channeled New Orion Reiki Linage

Daliah Barkan
Yvonne Boschmann and Lewis Bradley

You will be initiated into the 8th /9th/10th Generation of the Usui system of natural healing and the Orion Reiki Linage

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