Online Detox Retreat

A holistic escape at the comfort of your own home!

Online Detox Retreat - A holistic escape at the comfort of your own home!


… lose that excess weight, that you are carrying around for too long?

… leave behind a chronic health issue which minimizes your quality of living?

.... say goodbye to feeling fatigue even though you just crawled out of bed?

… and finally live without those skin problems or stubborn cellulite?

In fact,  in today’s world, our constant exposure to environmental toxins and stress means EVERYONE needs to detox – even if we eat healthy and organic and don't have those health problems (now) - over time, toxins will add up in our system eventually...

Did you know that most health problems are caused by oxidation and toxic waste in our body?

The good news is that many health issues can be solved by a regular detox which removes those stored toxins from our body and leaves us energized, full of vitality and health.



… BUT due to travel restrictions, you are now stuck at home? And are in need of a reset after lockdown?

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Orion has taken its signature Detox Programs to a next level! Our Colon Cleansing Detox Retreat will now be available online, so all around the world it will be possible to achieve incredible results and follow the Orion Healing Detox protocol! If you cannot come to us, then let us come to you…

The next months are going to pass either way. The question is, will you use them dreaming about cultivating a new momentum regarding your health, resetting your metabolism and doing something amazing for yourself ...or actually do it?


You will get anything you need for a successful detoxification of your body in this program!


  • Private welcome meeting and detailed explanations by  our Wellness Advocates
  • Daily group check in meetings* live from our wellness lounge
  • Break the fast talk
  • Pre and post-cleanse guidance
  • Our famous Detox booklet
  • Shopping list
  • Bonus inclusion - Reiki long distance session
  • Private 1:1 health consultation  can be arranged on an individual basis
  • Personal 1:1 retreats and additional personalized detox support can be arranged on an individual basis

Rejuvenate your mind and body - our signature Colon Cleanse Detox Retreat can help restore your energy and health. Take the chance to heal and revive your spirit by renewing yourself whilst being in the comfort of your own home! This detox retreat will improve your overall health and well-being and guide you finding balance again.

Join our next community detox offering NOW and inquire TODAY for your personal free quote. !

Imagine waking up each day...

  • Feeling full of energy and ready to face the day
  • Clear headed and full of vitality
  • Having glowing skin and a toned body
  • Coming back to your true essence and leaving self-sabotaging behaviours behind
  • Having daily support and exchange with other detoxers who will be with you during this journey

All this by following our signature Detox Program Protocol which has helped thousands of guests for over 14 years to achieve just that!

So if you know that there is more that you could be doing for your health and you suffer from several issues which don't make you feel like the best version of yourself - then this detox program  is right for you!


Price for 5 days

3333 THB (APPROX 99 USD/ 92 Euro/ 83 UK Pounds)

Price for 11 days

7333 THB (APPROX 231 USD/ 202 Euro/ 185 UK Pounds)

We include a shopping list of all necessary supplements and detox aids. We can also send our famous Orion detox kits around the world which include everything to get you started right away. Price for a 7 days kits is 3000 THB / 1000 USD and does not include shipping. Depending on location we will quote you for shipping and handling. We recommend that if you would like to use our supplements you register for a course 1 month in advance.

For more information or to sign up please email

*Daily check in meeting will be at 11 am (Thailand follows UTC+07:00)

Why should I do a Detox?

The main benefit to a detox is the restoration of your body’s natural self-healing abilities. During the first 12 hours of a detox your body stops the process of metabolizing i.e. converting food into energy. The energy that the body would use to process food then gets redirected into self-healing. The physiological benefits will include disease prevention, heightened immunity, reduced symptoms from many physical ailments, cleanse the vital organs, give digestive organs a rest, overall rejuvenation, weight loss, clearer skin, slower aging, increased flexibility, improved fertility and enhanced senses. The more subtle benefits of a detox can include, getting in touch with a deeper sense of self, by freeing yourself from toxins and allowing the body to utilize the energy from digestion you become more receptive to subtle changes. These can include having a clearer mind, heightened int

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