Restore & Revive: Intermittent Fasting and Fitness Program

From those late-night pesky cravings to those overindulgent meals that have become more of a common occurrence than we’d like to admit, our individual relationship to food is a mirror to many facets of our lives.

A gentle yet intensive guided experience will help you to discover a healthier and more healing connection to food. Whether you are seeking solutions to weight loss, lack of energy, low libido, or you’re just hoping for a healthy holiday, our program is where your search ends. You may easily find yourself drawn to our tropical island setting where cobalt blue waves and sweet sips of coconut water merge.

In alignment with the latest scientific knowledge about the optimal way to decrease weight, increase longevity and promote vitality the Intermittent Fasting, Fitness & Yoga Program is the perfect choice. This is a weight loss, rejuvenating holiday, combining fitness sessions, practice of yoga and healthy eating, in a wonderful relaxing tropical location. We are here to offer you support when you embark on your intermittent fasting (IF) journey and your road to long lasting wellness.

Intermittent Fasting which enables the body to restore itself over a period of 16 hours, beginning at dinner and lasting until lunch the following day. When food is served, it is prepared with the intention of encouraging the body to fuel itself in the way our ancestors did–by using fats instead of carbohydrates. The meal courses include a selection of two solid meals, fresh juices, and fruit smoothies.

“Fasting has been practised for millennia, but only recently studies have shed light on its role in adaptive cellular responses that reduce oxidative damage and inflammation, optimise energy metabolism and bolster cellular protection.”

- Valter D. Longo and Mark P. Mattson, Fasting: Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Applications.

Breathe In The Benefits

  • Promotes fat loss
  • Improves Metabolism
  • Starves bad bacteria in the colon
  • Improves health markers
  • Reduces the risk of chronic health conditions
  • Fights cancer cells (glucose-dependent)
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves cellular repair and regeneration
  • Benefits the regulation of inflammatory pathways that affect brain function
  • Improves brain health
  • Promotes longevity
  • Improves mindful eating
  • Inspires Anti-Ageing

Biology Basics

Why does intermittent fasting work? You may have heard of or tried the restorative-technique of fueling your body with fat instead of carbohydrates and sugar. To fully grasp the technique, imagine two states: the Fed and the Fasted. Your body can only ever be in one state at a time.

It only enters the Fasted state 12 hours after eating. In the Fed state, insulin levels are high which sends signals to your body to store excess calories in fat cells rather than burn them. In turn, your body uses glucose from your last meal as fuel for energy.

In the Fasted state, insulin levels are low, while glucagon and the growth hormone are elevated. This means your body starts burning the stored fat for energy, a healthy way to give your system the tools needed to restore itself. Intermittent fasting places your body in a state it wouldn’t normally reach during a regular eating schedule.

Food and Fasting

Orion’s Intermittent Fasting programme is based on a 16/8 schedule of fasting and eating. Although women seem to benefit from a fasting ratio of 14/10, it is entirely up to you which ratio option you choose.

During your unrestricted window of food-freedom, it is necessary to nourish your body with nutrient-dense healthy meals. With an award-winning menu, this is an easy feat; you’ll be spoiled for choice, and should you need any guidance, there will always be someone available to support you. Once a week you will have the option of joining a full 24-hour fasting day experience known as the, “Eat, Stop, Eat” -a 24-hour fast, once a week. This involves fasting from dinner one day, to dinner the next, this amounts to a 24-hour fast. Fasting is the first principle of medicine.

We recommend that you drink as much water as you can during the fast, which we provide you complimentary as part of your program. Being properly hydrated is nature’s first and foremost cure.

Fast and see the strength ofthe spirit reveal itself.


Movement as Medicine

This aspect of the program treats the body and mind to an empowering boost which is considered a natural method for anti-ageing; the more you move, the younger you stay. Yoga, breath work, and cardio play prominent roles in various classes aimed at improving your strength, flexibility, mobility, and concentration. Discover what works for you through tailored private sessions. Options include personal training, Thai boxing, HIIT training, and yoga. Weekly Reiki and massage sessions can be scheduled to instil harmony of the mind, body, and spirit.

Peaceful Program

The Intermittent Fasting and Fitness Program covers many aspects of the health realm that boast benefits of a brightened mental state, balanced emotions, increased metabolism and muscle mass. Alongside these are vibrant arrays of vegan foods, doses of vitamin “sea,” and nature-bathing.

Upon booking, we will inform you how many personal training sessions, Thai massages, and Reiki treatments are included in your program. Of course, you can always augment your personal program with additional juices, elixirs, massages, and holistic healing treatments for an additional fee. Our expert staff is always available to advise you about the most compatible choices.

Our program will give you a shift in perspective, and a reboot from which you can take core values and weave them into your personal, daily lives. At Orion Healing Centre, Koh Phangan, long-lasting wellness is within your reach!

Intermittent Fasting Program

Starting from - 44,400 THB

*in accommodation BF in low season

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"I had an amazing and transformative experience at Orion. I went for the 8-day Intermittent fasting, which includes five 1:1 sessions with a personal trainer who was one of the best I have ever had. Orion has the best vegan food for sure! I also loved the Yoga teachers and the Yoga rooms, especially the one in front of the beach where you can hear the waves while you flow."

- Giuliana

I was struck by chronic fatigue this year as well as a month-long flu that knocked me out of commission and had me deeply concerned for my health. Between the endless hacking up of mucous and exhaustion, I hadn’t opened my computer in weeks and months.

I had an unshakeable brain fog and didn’t know when I would ever be “myself” again. I couldn’t face emails. I couldn’t compete simple administrative tasks. I just couldn’t concentrate and wanted to lie in bed. I haven’t been writing about this on Facebook because I literally didn’t have the energy and it also felt very personal.

After coming back to Koh Phangan I just did a 4 day colon cleanse at Orion Detox Center followed by a three day water fast with colemas, daily sauna sessions, yoga, body therapies. I am in AWE and crying tears of gratitude at the results. As it continued all the yellow mucous disappeared which I had been battling for over a mth!

-Christabel Zamor, Entrepreneur
& International Breathwork Teacher 

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