It`s only with the heart that we can see clearly.

Selina is an Internationally Certified Yoga teacher with over 800h of training in Yoga. She brings her combined knowledge of Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Massage and Dance into her unique style of teaching. Selina’s teaching style is calm yet energising, she focuses on the awareness of breath in order to stay present, and to connect deeply with your own personal rhythm. Using pranayama, meditation and asana sequencing, while incorporating the importance of postural alignment to facilitate a holistic practice for your entire being.

Reconnect with your true nature & remember who you are.



Yvonne transformed her life in the past 6 years from a mind-driven business woman to a heart-driven, passionate yoga teacher and humble Reiki Master and Teacher.

On her spiritual journey through India, Thailand, Nepal and Brazil, Yvonne lived in several spiritual communities, practicing yoga, meditation, and pranayama and intuitive healing on a daily basis. She participated in Silent and Buddhist Meditation Retreats, successfully completed two 200hr Yoga TTCs (Ashtanga and Alignment Yoga), a Cacao Ceremony and 5 Element Dance Teacher Training and numerous personal growth workshops based on energy, breath and creative work.

Reconnecting with her inner self revealed her life purpose: supporting people on their self-healing journey to inner happiness and self-love. Full of gratitude Yvonne can say that she lives her purpose of life in giving Reiki treatments and trainings.




Sarah completed her initial 200 hours yoga teacher training in Thailand and since then she has trained in 2 further vinyasa courses, yin and myofascial release, hands-on adjustments and anatomy. She founded and ran her own yoga studio in Scotland for 3 years and has been the lead teacher on two yoga teacher training courses in Spain and India. To date Sarah has over 2,500 hours teaching experience. Every class she teaches is thoughtful, planned, stimulating and guaranteed to leave students, beginners to advanced, feeling empowered and eager to return to the mat. Sarah believes in creating a non-competitive environment where students can discover what their bodies are capable of, then help them push themselves safely to new spaces within. 

Sarah joins the Orion team as the Head of Yoga. She teaches one class per day and organises all the fabulous classes and workshops at Orion.




Having spent years facilitating products with a decidedly unhealthful effect on the body, Kristal shifted her career focus to healing. She utilises her training in yogic philosophy to emphasise the effects of poses and breathing on the mind and body to provide optimal benefits in each class.

During Kristals classes she will go into the benefits of each pose physically, mentally and energetically. Being aware of theses benefits not only give the class a new level of meaning but can bring awareness to the healing process, making it more effective through the mind body connection.

Also being trained in Reiki, acupressure and classical dance, these techniques bring new elements into her knowledge base and classes.




Lukas' aptitude for energy healing modalities manifested in his childhood. At the tender age of 8 he was trained in Reiki healing by his mother - a yoga teacher and energy healer. Having practiced many forms of martial arts with focus on internal styles like Tai Chi has helped to further develop his abilities. However his spiritual journey started in earnest 6 years ago when he experienced a powerful week long state of Samadhi. Needless to say the memory of this event has driven his life ever since.

Lukas is sharing his healing passion by offering Chi Nei Tsang treatments. Chi Nei Tsang literally means "working with the energy of the internal organs".
It's an ancient Toasit system of abdominal massage utilizing Chi energy, detoxifying and rejuvenating the internal organs. Apart from that CNT treatments relieve suppressed emotions and energetic blockages thus being capable of producing profound transformational results. CNT is particularly useful for people undergoing various detox programs.




Anja is a registered yoga teacher with a E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance certification who has been practicing and studying yoga around the world. Her love for humanity, nature, traveling, yoga, nutrition, and holistic healing techniques led her to travel and study with teachers from various spiritual lineages. She is also a passionate Reiki and Innerdance facilitator.

Gentle and kind, yet strong and passionate – these words describe Anja’s nature, her classes, and the way she relates to people. Anja is an authentic yoga teacher, with a calming and nurturing energy, who expresses her creativity and compassion in her classes. Anja is passionate about inspiring and helping others to follow their hearts and find their true passion in life.

Anja’s slow flow Vinyasa classes nourish the body, mind, and soul. She skilfully translates the ancient knowledge of Hatha Yoga to modern practice. Anja is adept at elevating her students’ spiritual awareness, and her personal goal is to inspire and make practitioners feel happier. Anja loves to weave storytelling and alignment onto her yoga teaching.



Prie is a yoga teacher from Thailand and went in search of the way to cure his high blood pressure (Hypertension) and obesity. After he practised yoga the results were not  only no more high blood pressure but a loss of 40 kilos of weight as well. A much better lifestyle and way of living both spiritual and physical body remained in their place. In addition, yoga became Prie’s passion and he loves to exchange and share this wonderful journey and
Yoga has taken him to the world capital of yoga Rishikesh, India where he qualified as a Yoga Teacher (Advanced Yoga Teacher, RYT 500) more over, in his own travel as self- discovery he also had wonderful opportunities to practice and share yoga with others in many countries around the globe. He has recently graduated with a Yin Yoga certification to further expand his knowledge of practice. 

It doesn't matter that you're big or small, black or white young or old, yoga is the most beautiful thing that designed for everyone. 




David’s healing abilities are an innate gift that he has had since childhood. For as long as he can remember, he has been gifted to see, feel and heal. He helps people worldwide by reducing their pain, relieving suffering, healing physical and emotional wounds and supporting them through transformations.

Initially afraid or unsure of his gift, it was only in his late-30s that David began to truly embrace these amazing abilities and share them in the way he does now – to support others in solving problems in the emotional/mental/physical and subtle bodies.

 David’s treatment is gentle yet profoundly healing. It brings and gives greater clarity in the mind and increases your life energy. In this way, you gain more energy and balance in your life, resulting in improved health.


Ayurvedic Practitioner
& Yoga Teacher

Mairead is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, she started her career in Emergency Departments as a Registered Nurse working for over nine years in Australia and the United Kingdom. After feeling burnt out by western Medicine she studied a Graduate Diploma in Education and taught for over four years- including three years teaching Consciousness based Education in Melbourne, teaching yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda based on the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. 

After completing a Panchakarma in India she felt compelled to study an Ayurvedic Practitioner course in Australia, studying with Dr. Roopa Rao (BAMS) for three years and completing an internship with Dr. C.R.S. Kumar (BAMS) in Melbourne, Australia. 

She practiced Ayurvedic Medicine from a five-star urban health retreat in Melbourne and recently in Costa Rica, at a Wellness Centre and Retreat Centre offering individualized Ayurvedic detoxification programs. 

She has completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Swami Vidyanand at Sri Ma Transformational Yoga School, Pondicherry, India and has studied Tibetan Buddhism with Lamas from the Vajrayana tradition. 

She is passionate about Natural Medicine, wellness and helping people live a more vibrant and vital life through Ayurveda and Yoga- two sister sciences that when practiced together allow the physical, pranic, mental and psychic purification of the body-mind for health and self-realization.


We have many more seasonal Yoga Teachers at Orion, please see our Yoga schedule.

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