Rebecca is Orion's Head of Marketing & Social Media and also takes care of many other tasks in and around our Healing Centre. Since the moment she arrived back in 2019, she fell in love with the special atmosphere here on Koh Phangan. She never went back to her corporate job in Germany and decided to move to our blissful island, leaving behind traffic jams, cold weather and overtime working hours.

As an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, she combines ancient philosophy with a modern twist and encourages her students to listen to their intuition, body and innermost wisdom. For Rebecca, everything she does can become magic, so she always pours all her love and energy into the things she creates. 

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”


YOGA TEACHER - Hatha & restorative

Penny first became attracted to Yoga due to its health benefits, and its ability to connect the mind, body, and spirit. With a busy life as a musician and performer, it became necessary for her to find ways to stay grounded, maintain health and focus her energies. Since immersing herself in Yoga, she realised the potential it brings for channeling positivity into her everyday life. 

She likes to create a supportive, light-hearted atmosphere, emphasising the connection between breath and movement. Classes vary from gentle traditional Hatha to a more dynamic Vinyasa flow practice. Her classes are about self-awareness in furthering your individual practice, without judgment and using your intuition to listen to your own body's needs. The essence of what she teaches is cultivating peace and presence of mind to find balance in everyday life, and to put a little bounce in your step.



YOGA TEACHER - vinyasa & yin

Sarah completed her initial 200 hours yoga teacher training in Thailand and since then she has trained in 2 further vinyasa courses, yin and myofascial release, hands-on adjustments and anatomy. She founded and ran her own yoga studio in Scotland for 3 years and has been the lead teacher on two yoga teacher training courses in Spain and India. To date Sarah has over 2,500 hours teaching experience. Every class she teaches is thoughtful, planned, stimulating and guaranteed to leave students, beginners to advanced, feeling empowered and eager to return to the mat. Sarah believes in creating a non-competitive environment where students can discover what their bodies are capable of, then help them push themselves safely to new spaces within. 

Sarah joins the Orion team as the Head of Yoga. She teaches one class per day and organises all the fabulous classes and workshops at Orion.




Maria is a Wellness consultant, Detox and Fasting specialist, holistic nutritionist, herbalist and specialist of Human Design science. Since she was 16 years old she was researching the different approaches for human health, spiritual growth, mind and body work. With the structure of detox programs, fasting programs, herbs and supplement support healed herself from chronic illnesses such as epilepsy and allergies, and recovered after a heavy spine injury from professional sport whilst having a heavy parasite infection and a tumor without any surgery and medication except for natural medicine, special fasting program, diet and proper careful exercises. 

"Healing is the process which should happen on all levels: spiritual, physical, emotional, mental - all at the same time. My intention is to be able to support people during this process, with all my skills and knowledge."



YOGA TEACHER - Hatha, Meditation, Pranayama & Shankha Prakshalana

Warren is RYT500 having spent years with his teacher in Nepal, Dr Chintamani Gautam, PhD Yogic Science & Sanskrit.

Warren’s practice reflects his teaching philosophy of yoga can create space in our bodies, our minds and our hearts. He moves within South & South East Asia, whilst learning & leading healing practices, including facilitating Men’s Circles.

His yogic leadership style supportively challenges beginners & intermediate practitioners with a sense of fun & deep feeling for the effects of breathwork, bodywork & somatic healing.



YOGA TEACHER - Vinyasa, Hatha & Yoga Nidra 

Betty's style of teaching can be described as fusion yoga, since her multi-disciplined approach combines everything from power vinyasa to yoga Nidra, a guided yogic sleep. Passionate about blending eastern and Western perspectives in her teaching, Betty is known for her ability to weave together intelligent sequencing, articulate alignment, and practical insights in an accessible manner. Her emphasis is on using the movement of strong asana to discover the quiet still-point within. 

She has since trained thousands of yoga teachers all over the globe in 200- and 500-hour teacher training, and as resident teacher trainer at Byron Yoga Centre for 18 years. Betty specialises in yoga Nidra. She has a special skill of creating scripts that guide people in and out of the restorative yogic sleep. 



Sandeep is a holistic chef who is specialized in creating nutritious and delicious meals for our Orion Cafe. He is our Head of Cafe and is also responsible for our lovely kitchen staff.

With love, care and dedication he picks only the freshest organic ingredients every day from surrounding  local markets for the restaurant. Having his root in India, his cooking style is not only influenced by the flavorful oriental cuisine as his passion lies in the creation of meals with a mediterranean twist.

With over 12 years of professional experience in vegan restaurants worldwide, he loves to share his creative creations with our guests.




David’s healing abilities are an innate gift that he has had since childhood. For as long as he can remember, he has been gifted to see, feel and heal. He helps people worldwide by reducing their pain, relieving suffering, healing physical and emotional wounds and supporting them through transformations.

Initially afraid or unsure of his gift, it was only in his late-30s that David began to truly embrace these amazing abilities and share them in the way he does now – to support others in solving problems in the emotional/mental/physical and subtle bodies.

David’s treatment is gentle yet profoundly healing. It brings and gives greater clarity in the mind and increases your life energy. In this way, you gain more energy and balance in your life, resulting in improved health.



Meet the outstanding team behind Orion Healing. Our kitchen team, receptionists, maintenance workers, gardeners, cleaners and the efficient and passionate working people who make our Center what it is.

They will welcome you with a warm smile and provide a blissful and uplifting surrounding so you feel welcome and home from the moment you arrive.


We have many more seasonal Yoga Teachers at Orion, please see our Yoga schedule.

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