Herbal Steam Room


When it comes to detoxification, research has shown that sweating in a sauna can help detoxify from the toxic agents that accumulate in the body. Luckily, you will find in our garden one of the best Herbal Steam room of the Island, which is available every day from 2 pm to 6 pm for our clients.

The intense sweating you can enjoy while spending time in our steam room will help flushing out the toxins that your kidneys remove from your bloodstream, accelerating the process of detoxification. The herb infused steam opens the pores and are absorbed into the body whist the atmosphere of the steam room relaxes and centers the body. Our Thai steam room made with local herbs will ensure that your skin releases toxins and feels great, benefiting both the body and mind.


Skin conditions,
Relaxes body and mind
The use of Orion’s Herbal steam room is included in the prices of all our programs.
Daily steam is included in all Orion’s detox and yoga retreats.

Drop in tickets are available.
Drop in price: 100THB this includes sarong.

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