The main benefit to a detox is the restoration of your body’s natural self-healing abilities. During the first 12 hours of a detox your body stops the process of metabolising i.e. converting food into energy. The energy that the body would use to process food then gets redirected into self-healing.

The physiological benefits will include disease prevention, reduced symptoms from many different ailments, cleanse the body, give digestive  organs a rest, overall rejuvenation, weight loss, clearer skin, slower aging, increased flexibility, improved fertility and enhanced senses.

The more subtle benefits of a detox can include getting in touch with a deeper sense of yourself, by freeing yourself from toxins and allowing the body to utilise the energy from digestion you become more receptive to subtle changes. These can include having a clearer mind, heightened intuition, opening up emotionally and allowing for more positive possibilities to enter our lives.

Jesus Christ, Paramahansa Yogananda, Mahatma Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King and many other spiritual teachers have advocated fasting for spiritual and physical health.




To optimize your detox experience with us and maximize its benefits, it is recommended to allow at least 2 days of a "pre-cleanse". This is a diet that is predominantly vegetarian with alkalizing foods. The importance of pre-cleansing is to clear the body of toxins as much as possible to prepare yourself for the full detox process. Not only will this maximize the benefits but will also decrease any herxheimer symptoms (detox symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, dizziness).

Following on from the detox, post cleansing is just as important. Slowly reintroducing foods into the diet not only allows the body to reintegrate into digestion but it also looks after the new microbiome that is developing in your gut.

To continue to cultivate good health and take better care of your newly cleansed and sensitive system we recommend you follow our post detoxrecommendations.

All of our detox programs that are 11 nights and up include a sufficient amount of pre and post cleanse days. You are welcome at add or subtract any number of pre/post cleanse days to best suit your needs.

Seasons Dates

May 1 - Jun 24Jan 13 - Apr 30Dec 20 - Jan 12
Sep 6 - Nov 25Jun 25 - Sep 5Nov 26 - Dec 19


Wellness Lounge

The hub of your detox experience is the Wellness Lounge. One guest describes it as “a healing oasis,” a place to gather each day for comfort, valuable insights and, sometimes, just a serene swing on the waterfront hammock. Check in each day with the staff and other detoxers and stay as long as you like, enjoying a range of healthful teas, or browse our selection of books. Just steps away from the massage and treatment space, the tranquil view promises rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Detox schedule




07:00 am

Detox Drink

07:30 am

Morning Colema

No morning colema on day 1 of fasting

08:30 am

2 Supplements & 2 Chomper

08:30 – 10:00 am

Detox Yoga

10:00 am

Detox Drink

11:00 am

Daily Wellness Meeting

At the Wellness Lounge

11:30 am

2 Supplements & 2 Chomper

01:00 pm

Detox Drink

02:30 pm

2 Supplements & 2 Chomper

03.30 pm

Colema Demonstration

Only on day 1 of fasting

04:00 pm

Detox Drink

04:00 pm

Afternoon Colema

Optional time: 7pm

05:00 – 07:00 pm

Herbal Tea & Detox soup

05:30 pm

2 Supplements & 2 Chomper

07:00 pm

Detox Drink

08:30 pm

2 Supplements & 2 Chomper

Before sleep

Probiotic Capsule

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