Detox Programs

At Orion Healing Center we offer a variety of unique detox programs:

Fasting & Colon Cleansing (starting 4 nights and up)
Vitality Juice Fasting & Colonic Cleansing (starting 4 nights and up)
11 Nights Detox
11 Nights Vitality Juice Detox
11 Nights Alchemy Retreat
16 Nights Weight Loss
16 Nights Ultimate Transformation
28 Nights Renew & Revitalize
Healthy Living Program (1 day and up)

How to make a reservation:

1. Read through all the programs and decide which program suits you best.
2. Look at the accommodation options and choose which room suits your preferences.
3. Fill out the form under the Booking tab.

Arrival at Orion Healing Center:

Programs can start on any day of the week, we are open all year around. As your program will start on the day of check in, it is recommended to arrive at the centre as early as possible to make the most of your first day and the items provided.

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