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“Thank you for your kindness, generosity and wisdom. The way that you always make time for each and every person that comes here is greatly appreciated and truly makes the detox an “experience” something you “have to do”. Thank you for your humor and guidance.”

– Alice

“The Detox support staff took time to explain to me the process and expectations. For the next 7 days I had 40 years of muqoid plaque making its way out of me. As a result I feel fantastic and almost new again. Maybe for me life does begin at 40!! Thank you so much!”

– John, England,7 day cleanse

‘The cleanse was an amazing experience. The results with my skin and energy are astounding. I feel like a new person!”

– Claudia, England, 7 day cleanse

I feel light and pure love and the attention I have received was so homely… the fast went so quickly with the help of Reiki…..and oh yeh and I lost 8 kg!!

– Bryony, Spain, 7 day cleanse

“It has been a small adventure. I’m amazed where it brought my body and soul. As if a grey veil has disappeared. The pure freedom and joyfulness was an unforgettable present to myself.”

– Madelon, Netherlands, 7 day cleanse

“I feel better health wise, which is truly a miracle. My outlook on life has benefited tremendously. I am confident this path was meant for my life. I cannot thank you enough for being a catalyst in this journey I have started. I know this year will be big for me and I am so grateful to have been given this gift from you which is Reiki. (Studied while fasting)Last year was filled for me with lethargy, fear, anger, and depression. This will be no more, and I look forward to using Reiki, along with other spiritual techniques I have been learnt, to improve upon my current condition and make me a better man. Thank you again. You both have a special place in my heart. It is rare I meet others that I identify with so strongly.

Sincerely and with much love.”

– Thomas, USA, 3.5 day cleanse, Reiki I & II

“Thank you Orion Team for making me feel so amazing! I am so glad I chose to do my Detox here, where I felt so supported and cared for all through the way…I am going to make some to make me feel as healthy and happy as I feel right now! My body and mind feel such peace and harmony …Ari’s Orion Reiki healing was the best treatment I’ve ever had. I felt so relaxed and could feel the energy go through my body like a million tiny swirling rainbows… Yoga was perfect for my Detox and has really inspired me to take it up when I go home…I’ll be sure to come back…”

– Sophie, England.

“What a gift to my organs! My whole system is in gratitude to this profound Detox. Thank you for creating this beautiful place where I felt safe to let go and go deeper physically than I have ever known…I’ll be back…”


“I gained so much more than a clean colon. Apart from the Detox making me feel better than I ever has, the spiritual healing that I have experienced was unexpected and for me’ previously unimaginable.”

– Meg,

Your broth’s the best of all the spa I have visited and yoga is perfect for fasters.

– Noriko

The nightly broth made with such love and care was so delicious.

– Mark

“I feel great after my cleanse. Thanks for all along the way.

The personal touch is very special.”

– Deb