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11 Nights Alchemy Retreat

11-Day-Alchemy-RetreatDetoxification, Healing and Yoga are the perfect alchemy. On a retreat you get to step completely out of your normal world and really have time to nourish yourself. Learn the ancient Japanese art of Reiki, for self-healing and healing of others. Learn to listen to your intuition and intuitive direction to find the happiness that we are all searching for. Empower your body with daily yoga that develops the mind/body/spirit connection. Learn breathing techniques for calming and balancing, guided and active meditations. Relax as you receive rejuvenating spa treatments. Learn to love yourself again as you shine from within.

The 11 night Alchemy detox package incorporates the pre & post cleanse as a part of the 8 night Fasting & Colonic Cleansing package. Orion kitchen will take care of your diet with healthy and delicious raw fruits, vegetables, and juices to balance the PH in the body and increase your vital life force energy. Dedicated and helpful staff will offer introductory information to the benefits of fasting and cleansing the system, day-by-day dietary guidelines post-detox, and support and attention throughout the program. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed as you take the steps towards a healthier, happier, more balanced lifestyle.

The 11 Nights Alchemy Detox Package includes:

  • 11 nights at Orion Healing Center, Koh Phangan
  • Healing Workshops: Reiki I and Reiki II OR Reiki III Master & Teacher
  • 1 x Yoga Class per day
  • 2 x Thai Massages
  • 1 x Reiki Healing Treatment
  • Daily use of our Herbal Steam room
  • 2 x Spa treatments – Dead Sea Mineral Mud Wrap and Ear Coning
  • 1 Private Health Assessment & Consultation
  • Our Fasting & Colonic Cleansing Detox:

2 Nights Pre-cleanse

  • 2 x Liver Flush Drinks per day (fresh orange juice, lime juice, garlic, ginger, and olive oil)
  • Raw food diet: 1 Fruit salad, 1 garden salad
  • 1 x fresh coconut per day
  • 1 Private Health Assessment & Consultation

7 Nights Detox

  • Introductory lecture on colemas
  • All supplements: Green plus, mega vitamin and mineral complex, intestinal cleaner, pro-biotic healthy bacteria replacement
  • 5 x detox drinks per day, with bentonite clay psyllium husk
  • 1 x fresh coconut water per day
  • 1 x fresh juice per day
  • 1 x herbal tea per day
  • 1 x healthy broth per day
  • 2 x colemas per day (self-administrated colonic)
  • Private colema equipment with filtered water in your bungalow
  • Option of coffee, apple cider vinegar and garlic colemas
  • 1 Private Health Assessment & Consultation

2 Nights Post-detox:

  • We help you break your fast in the best way: papaya & bee pollen
  • Post-detox information and guidelines for re-introducing foods after your detox
  • Raw food diet: 1 Fruit salad, 1 garden salad or steamed vegetables
  • 1 x fresh coconut per day
  • 1 Private Health Assessment & Consultation

11 NIghts Alchemy Detox  (Prices in THB)

Room TypeNormalNormalPeak SeasonPeak Season
Alchemy - Reiki I & IIAlchemy – Reiki III & MasterAlchemy - Reiki I & IIAlchemy – Reiki III & Master
(Dormitory) Shared Fan room & shared bathroom 37,250 THB 49,750 THB 40,050 THB 52,550 THB
(A) Basic Fan room & hot water shower 41,100 THB 53,600 THB 44,450 THB 56,950 THB
(C) Air-con Room & hot water shower 48,800 THB 61,300 THB 52,700 THB 65,200 THB
(D) Air-con Room, hot water shower & sea view 52,100 THB 64,600 THB 56,000 THB 68,500 THB
(E) Air-con Room & DVD/ & hot water shower 55,400 THB 67,900 THB 59,850 THB 72,350 THB
(F) Air-con Room & DVD/Sitting area & hot water shower 60,350 THB 72,850 THB 64,250 THB 76,750 THB
Peak SeasonDEC 20 - JAN 12




Best thing I ever did for myself was coming to Orion! I did the 11 nights Alchemy retreat. I learned so much about myself. The staff is wonderful and the treatments are incredible. The best treatment I ever had in my life was the transformational healing. I was a skeptic, but now I understand and this has helped me more than years of therapy.
The detox was a great experience. I wasn’t even hungry for the most part. and when you break the fast their cafe is the best thing ever!
I had a bungalow with aC for a reasonably price with a view of the bay and a hammock. The Hatha Yoga-taught by Akari was incredible for me as I am a beginner. I learned so much about how to heal my body with natural products and foods and I am so excited to start a new and fresh journey with a clean body and mind!!! So worth it.

– Michelle, USA

Reiki changed my life. During the Reiki I can feel a lot of energy and unconditional love. I never felt before. The Alchemy retreat the best thing I ever did for myself.

Xenia Russia, Alchemy Retreat

I feel better health wise, which is truly a miracle. My outlook on life has benefited tremendously. I look forward to using Reiki, along with other spiritual techniques I have been learnt, to improve upon my current condition and make me a better man. Thank you again.

Thomas, USA, Alchemy

The detox was a great experience. The staff was very kind and helpful. I met great people. The detoxing in combination with the Reiki course enriched my inner connection and my mind is still at ease. Thank you Orion! Love,

Lotte , Fasting retreat

The combination of detox and Reiki has taken me to a whole new and improved physical and spiritual level.

Sven, Germany

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