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The Orion SPA Resort on Koh Phangan Thailand has a selection of detox programs available:

The Orion Healing programs are unique. They include everything that we have found to be beneficial to your cleanse. We have found that by including detox massages, a morning yoga class designed especially for your detox and a holistic treatment, cleansers experience easier cleanses with higher levels of vitality and better cleansing results. Our detox programs have been designed to ensure personal care and attention. We want to ensure that you have the best results possible in the most relaxed way.

Orion’s Recommendation:

For cleansing the entire digestive tract, organs and blood stream, we recommended a minimum of a 8 nights detox program. This is best combined with a pre and post cleanse. See our 11 nights Detox Program. The cleanse restores the body to balance and harmony. For those who need deeper detoxification and weight loss, or for those who have already completed the 11 nights detox, we have longer programs 16 nights Inclusive Weight Loss Program, 28nights Renew & Revitalize Program. In the case of time restrictions and those who want to get the feel of a detox program, we also offer a 4 nights detox program.

How to Make a Reservation

1) Read through all the programs (detox, yoga, holistic therapies, etc.) and decide which program fits best with you.
2) Look at the accommodation options and choose which room suits your preferences and budget.
3) Know the exact date of arrival and when you would like to begin your detox program.
4) Fill out the form under the Make Reservation tab.
Orion’s staff will promptly respond to your email and answer any of your questions.

Arrival at Orion Detox Center, Koh Phangan, Thailand

It is recommended to arrive at the center early as possible to make the most of your first day. We are here every day so it’s possible to begin your program on any day of the week.