Chia Bomb breakfast

While I was working on some new dishes to add on Orion’s menu, I could not help it but to share this one with you. You will love this colorful and tasty breakfast, made with chia seed pudding, fruits and granola. Very filling and healthy, Chia seeds contain 30% of protein, 30% of fibers and a load of antioxidants and calcium. On top of that, chia seeds have the highest ALA Omega-3 level you can find. They are better than fish oil and flax seeds (which by the way, have to be grinded in order to be assimilated. Chia seeds do not.)

 Chia seeds will give you energy to start you day, will help your digestion and lower your cholesterol. Chia seeds are the BEST for weight management, detox and for your overall health. When they are soaked, they expand up to nine times their size and release their incredible nutrients. The longer you soak them, the healthier they get! 

So, it is better to prepare the pudding the night before. Plus, it will give you more time to get ready for work or to go for a nice jog…

This recipe is for 2 or 3 people.


– 4 bananas

– 4 Tbsp chia seeds

– 1 ½ cup nut milk ( I used almond milk)

– 2 handful strawberries

– 1 mango

– Granola



-Mash 2 bananas with a fork, add the chia seeds and mix well. Add the milk and mix well. Refrigerate for the night.


– In the morning, stir your pudding and make your layered jar. Start with chia pudding.


– Blend (pulse) the strawberries. Mine were frozen so I added a bit of hot water (1 Tbsp) to make them easier to crush. Add this strawberry jam on top of the chia.


-Slice the 2 remaining bananas and add on top of the strawberries.


-Cut a mango into squares and divide on top of the bananas.


-Poor the rest on the chia pudding on top of the fruit. You could go crazy and stir it first with a tablespoon on raw cacao powder! That would make it amazingly tasty!


-Finish this masterpiece with your favorite granola and some dried fruits like raisins. At Orion, we make our own dehydrated granola with buckwheat, almonds, coconut, papaya, sesame, pecans…


Now let’s eat it !!!

What does your chia bomb look like?  #chiabomb #chiabombbreakfast



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