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Pre Cleansing

Pre-cleanse Dietary Guidelines We advise that you to do a minimum of a week pre-cleanse before arriving at Orion. A good pre-cleanse insures an easier fast, and will prepare your body for the full fasting program. If the body has been on a good pre-cleansing program, the first few days of your Detox will be much easier, as the body will have gradually been prepared. This will increase the effectiveness of the cleanse.
A pre-cleanse diet changes the body’s PH from acid to alkaline. While cleansing it is the high acidity levels in the body that are responsible for symptoms such as headache, nausea, and aches in joints.
Acid Forming Foods: Animal foods – meat, eggs, dairy – processed and refined foods, yeast products, fermented foods, grains, artificial-sweeteners, fruit, and sugars are acidifying, as are alcohol, coffee, chocolate, black tea, and sodas.
Alkaline Forming Foods: Vegetables, this includes a few that are technically fruits: avocado, tomato, and bell peppers. Watermelon, Mangoes, Papayas, dates, figs, melons, grapes, kiwi, apples, pears, grapefruit and raisins. Sprouted seeds, nuts, and some grains (millet, buckwheat, and spelt). Raw foods are more alkalizing, while cooked food is more acidifying. The body needs to have a pH neutral range in order to function properly. Constant consumption of high acidic food and drinks will in time damage your health in general.

Foods to avoid during your pre-cleanse:

• Meat and all animal proteins, including eggs
• Bread & complex carbohydrates
• Dairy
• White sugar & white flour
• Carbonated drinks, Caffeinated tea & coffee
• Heavy or rich food / Fried or processed foods
• Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes

Begin to developing an awareness of the foods that you are eating in the weeks prior to your detox.
While on your pre-cleanse eat mainly fruit and veggies, preferable raw, “live” foods. Sticking to a diet of fruit, steamed veggies, soups and salads perhaps with a few nuts, yogurt, or tofu and grains such as quinoa, millet or other whole grains added. Salads should be made with simple dressings (lemon, olive oil, apple cider vinegar).
Drinking a minimum of 3 to 4 liters of good quality filtered or mineral water each day before your fast is a powerful way to begin the flushing process in the body.
Please make the necessary food preparations for your travel to and from Orion Healing Center. We recommend that you travel with fruit, dried fruit/ Muesli bars and pre-order a fruit plate for your on flight meal (this needs to be done 48 hours prior to the flight).

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