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At Orion we offer a variation of weekly community events, such as Kirtan, Contact Improvisation, Rebirthing and Qigong. We also offer different kind of Workshops, please keep an eye on our schedule for more information. No previous experience is required and everybody is welcome.


Kirtan is a very different kind of music. Based on ancient chants, it has the ability to quiet the mind if listened to with intention. Everyone experiences Kirtan differently, and it doesn’t have to be a religious experience. You can think of it as a sing-along. The wallah (leader) sings the mantra, and the audience sings it back. As you sing with each other you experience a deep connection with the musicians, the other audience members and yourself. And when the music stops, your mind is quiet.

Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation is an open-ended exploration of the kinaesthetic possibilities of bodies moving through contact. Sometimes wild and athletic, sometimes quiet and meditative, it is a form open to all bodies and enquiring minds.

Through the physical principles of touch, momentum, and weight sharing, this dance practice explores the skills of falling, rolling, counterbalance, lifting using minimal effort, how to make ourselves light when being lifted, centering and breathing techniques, and responsiveness to our partners and surroundings. Together we create a safe space to explore these skills and let our curiosity and joy lead the dance.

We will explore the foundations of contact improvisation through guided exercises and moving to a jam. This is a safe container to express through movement and connect through touch.


Rebirthing is a powerful and uniquely effective tool for transformation. It is a type of breathwork, based on the belief that correct breathing can help to cure disease and relieve pain. Rebirthing is a complete system in itself – the different tools/techniques are already transformative on their own. However, to attain the greatest benefits, it is highly recommended to use each tool as they complement one another and together bring extra potency to the process.

One of the reasons Rebirthing is so powerful is because we gradually and systematically scan through each area of the body, learning and understanding where our shadow parts reside, focusing on integrating them, and thus allowing the transformation to happen.


Qi Gong

Qi Gong literally translates to “life energy cultivation.” It is an ancient Chinese system of self-cultivation developed by Taoist and Buddhist masters about 7000 years ago. It is designed for individuals to protect their health, promote vitality, prolong life, and develop spiritual knowledge and insight. It is a form of exercise in which movements are repeated a number of times, often stretching the body, improving fluid movement (blood, synovial, and lymph), and improving awareness.

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