100hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training for all


Come and connect with yoga professionals who collectively seek to be the change by embracing opportunities for contribution and creating safer containers and classes to hold space for traumatised communities worldwide.

This Yoga Alliance certified 100hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training is led by our senior teaching team, social activist and Somatic Experiencing therapist,  Atira Tan, MA, SEP, 500 E-RYT founder of Art to Healing — a women’s program to repair the trauma of sex trafficking — together with Trauma Specialist, author and founder of Womb Sense, Gemini Adams, CF, 200 E-RYT, C-TREP, who share 40 years of combined experience teaching and working in the field internationally.

Of all yoga practitioners 72% are women. Worldwide, 70% of women will experience the trauma of domestic violence: verbal, physical, financial or emotional abuse by an intimate partner at some point during their lifetime.

Our highly experiential YACEP® curriculum, which draws extensively from research and practices of experts in embodied psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing®,  Art Therapy,  TRE® and trauma resolution, covers six key modules that aim to provide you with an understanding of the neurophysiological impact of unresolved trauma on the mind, body, heart, nervous system and voice, so you can begin supporting students recovering from life’s natural traumas, as well as those with PTSD or C-PTSD.

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Gemini Adams



Gemini Adams, CF, C-TREP, E-RYT, is a yoga teacher and trauma specialist who combines somatic and embodied psychotherapeutic practices to unravel the shadowy 'stuff' that sits behind our suffering, to bring relief and restore an authentic state of well-being to mind, body, heart and soul. Combining her desire for social change with a love of exploring different cultures, over the past 25 years she’s participated in health, environmental and social impact charity projects across the world.

She works with the Centre for Relational Healing, a trauma and addiction recovery centre in Los Angeles, and has a private practice offering support to clients of all ages, from all walks of life, to overcome relational neglect, abuse, sexual assault, incest, bullying, low self-esteem, unresolved grief or trauma, depression, anxiety and other symptoms from C-PTSD or PTSD.

Atira Tan



Atira Tan, SEP, 500 E-RYT, is passionate about empowering others to be leaders in social change. I've been teaching yoga for over a decade and have worked as a consultant, supervisor, clinician, and educator in community organisations and international development for many years. She is also the founder and CEO of Art to Healing, an Australian charity that offers mental health, PTSD and trauma recovery programs — using yoga, art therapy and somatic experiencing — to help people heal from sex trafficking, exploitation, and abuse.

Art to Healing's programs, targeting rural communities, refugee camps in Burma, the brothels and slums of Nepal and India, as well as war zones in Cambodia, have changed the lives of thousands of women and children.

"You're both such great teachers who really know about trauma, both personally and professionally, which you shared with the lovliest laughter and humour."

— Hanne, Social Worker, Denmark
"The most powerful training I've taken to date."
— Arjuna, Founder of Share Necessities: Yoga for Kids on the Street, Los Angeles


7.30 - 9am

Trauma Informed Yoga Class (1.5 hrs)

9 - 10am


10 - 1pm

Theory class (3 hrs) 

1 - 4pm

Lunch and rest break 

4 - 6pm

Somatic self-care and teaching practice class (2 hrs) 

6 - 7pm


7 - 8.30pm

Homework Activity (1.5 hours)

*Subject to change


Module 1 

What is Trauma: How It Impacts Our Ability to Relax, React, Respond and Rise

Module 2

Signs of Trauma: How to Spot and Safely Support Any Body That’s Holding Trauma

Module 3

Resourcing, Regulation and Resilience: How to Offer Safety, Consent, Choice and Grounding

Module 4

Class Content: Appropriate Touch, Asana, Cues, Communication, Container and Presence

Module 5

Cross-Cultural Sensitivity: How to Take Trauma-Informed Yoga into the World Respectfully

Module 6

Teaching TIY: Integrating, Creating and Evaluating Programs for Specific Communities

Combining daily trauma-informed yoga practice, TRE® for deepening your embodied presence, lecture-style presentations, group discussion with interactive partner dyad's to help you develop specific skills, somatic self-care classes, and practice teaching in small groups with supervised evaluation to instill confidence and the inspiration to take trauma-informed yoga back home to your studio, classes, community, private sessions or retreats.



  • Confidently teach trauma-informed yoga
  • Understand regulation and resourcing
  • Create safer, more supportive spaces
  • Identify hidden patterns of trauma
  • Counteract the #MeToo culture
  • Reduce risk of student injury claims
  • Connect with a professional community
  • Learn the neurophysiology of trauma
  • Learn about cross-cultural sensitivity
  • Cultivate your therapeutic presence
  • Embody the benefits of TRE®
  • Experience a new culture
  • Become an agent of change
  • Upgrade your qualifications


  • Daily delicious, organic, vegetarian breakfast from the award-winning Orion Cafe.
  • All classes, lectures, supervision, course materials and eBook manual.
  • Complimentary filtered drinking water and herbal teas.
  • Trauma-Informed yoga and somatic self-care classes.
  • Yoga Alliance certificate upon completion of all modules.
  • Specified excursions: temple, spa soak and waterfalls.
  • Free unlimited WiFi, ocean swims and sunsets.
  • Use of mats, props, straps, blocks.

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Students who have completed Trauma-Informed trainings have a new lens through which to see their students and a therapeutic set of skills to help with their professional development, making them better equipped to work with other mental health professionals, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and clinicians who may demand a higher standard of assessment and ability to work in centres, clinics and in social-development programs.
TIY creates a lens and provides specific therapeutic skills to teachers to enable them to adapt their classes in any form of yoga to better meet the needs and unseen struggles of those who have a history of unresolved trauma - whether that be from life’s natural events, such as birth or medical intervention, environmental impact, such as a natural disaster or something more complex, such as abuse, bullying or entering into a real or perceived war-zone, resulting in symptoms of PTSD or C-PTSD.

In TIY our goal is to create a truly safe space, which must begin with us - the teacher - so that all parties can remain resourced and be invited into regulation, have their boundaries and choices honoured, to prevent re-traumatisation and disconnection to self or others, and be offered alternatives to encourage individual agency, increased embodied awareness with somatic connection, integration and appropriate asanas, chanting or pranayama to expand a felt sense of safety and wellbeing,

“This should be mandatory for yoga teachers. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know any of this before.”

— Louise, 300 hr E-RYT, London


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