Yoga Retreats Koh Phangan

If you are planning on coming to Koh Phangan for Yoga teacher training, you should strongly consider renting a bicycle, scooter or car so that you can travel around our beautiful island. The roads here are quite quiet but some of the roads are on very steep, challenging hills so cyclists beware, there are a few challenges scattered across Phangan. Even scooters and bikes have trouble sometimes! There are loads of amazing sites and places to go and see here while you do your training course.

Whether you sign up for just a few classes , come on a longer Yoga retreat in Thailand  or learn to become a world class Yoga teacher on our Yoga teacher training courses   then you will be living on this slice of paradise for a short time, it’s good to make the most of it and have some other experiences whilst you are here.

If you are a foodie, then a Thai cooking class could be for you, there are many dotted around the island and you can tailor the class to suit your dietary requirements e.g. a vegetarian or vegan meal plan and menu. The chefs are usually more than happy to help! This is another string to your bow you could go home with on top of becoming a fantastic Yoga teacher!

Also, there are food markets nearly everyday in different locations with endless delicious foods for you to try. These are usually a good evening out, a slow stroll down the market is a Thai staple!

As we are quite a small island, you can take boat tours either around Koh Phangan, explore hard to reach beaches and secluded spots that are off the tourist trail or to the nearby Ang Thong Marine Park, which is a beautiful collection of small islands which you can kayak around in search of caves and picturesque inlets and beaches. This is an excellent day out for explorers.

Koh Tao is also “just around the corner”. Koh Tao is quite a small island, mostly devoted to diving but there are other activities you can do there, but it is also quite beautiful, if you wanted to experience something slightly different whilst on your journey with us, Koh Tao is a great place to go for a while to get away from it all.

There are many, many different experiences you can have whilst you are with us doing your Yoga Retreat Koh Phangan, we hope you choose Orion Healing Centre to make memories that will last a lifetime!

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