Yoga Retreat Thailand

Are you tired of the rat race or the grind of daily life? Would you like to do something that might be completely different from your average holiday or trip away?

As much fun as going on holiday and spending your days sunbathing, seeing some sights, or sitting in cafes might be, having an experience of learning, mindfulness and exercise could be equally as enticing. At Orion Healing Centre, Koh Phangan, we offer packages for Yoga Retreats Thailand, where you would come to Koh Phangan and stay in Orion Healing Centre and practice yoga to your hearts content, for a period of time, you can intently focus on yoga as well as your well-being and mindfulness.

Our centre is based in a small village on the island of Koh Phangan, close to the beach and surrounded by jungle, we have accommodation and a café on site, so you can immerse yourself in learning how to better your yoga.

We have multiple classes a day in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative yoga, with teachers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them. By having such good teachers and the time to really practice your craft, you will come on leaps and bounds. By doing yoga daily, possibly multiple times a day if you want too, you can hone your skills, learn new strengths and work on your weaknesses. Having a teacher watch you, spend time with you and tweak small things is unrivalled in when try to learn or to master a skill.

We pride ourselves on our pupils leaving Orion in a much better position than they came in, be it from a physical standpoint, mental or both! We want people to return but also to take these skills that they have learnt out into the world with them. We offer a 200-hour yoga teacher training package, for those who want to learn how to teach yoga as well, we have had a couple of students leave their current career and come to us so that they can change their life and life style.

Obviously, whilst you are here you can also go and explore our lovely island, Koh Phangan is a hilly, lush green jungle with many beaches in small bays dotted around the island. The people are very nice, and it is quite quiet here, although it does get a bit lively when the Full Moon Party is in full swing.

If you would like to discuss any yoga retreats Thailand package with Orion Healing Centre, please do not hesitate to contact us, you can tailor your retreats to exactly how you want to spend them. We very much recommend trying yoga retreats if you are interested in furthering your learning.

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