Koh Phangan Full Moon Ceremony

The full moon and spirituality have had intrinsic links since the dawn of humankind. Ever since people have been looking up at the night sky, the moon has been there, ever-changing whilst also staying the same. The cycles of the moon are a fascinating phenomenon, with the full moon being the most impressive and some would say the most important. The full moon is a time of illumination and great source of energy.

On Koh Phangan, home to the now famous full moon party, the full moon is especially impressive, with people coming from all around the world to have a look at it and join in on the energy of the event.

At Orion Healing Centre, on Koh Phangan, our Full Moon Ceremony is quite the event, held on a regular basis, we spend a couple of hours to expand our state of consciousness, during which we use Oracle Cards and meditate with InnerDance Soundscapes.

We start by joining in a short guided meditation and an intention setting circle, followed by using the Oracle Cards. Oracle cards help you to connect to your inner wisdom and to the universe. Oracle cards bypass the thinking mind and help you see what your conscious mind can’t see.

Then on the main part of the ceremony which is the InnerDance portion, InnerDance resembles a sound meditation that guides you into expanded states of consciousness. It is an intuitive and organic state of expanded consciousness that acts as a gateway or portal towards wholeness and a deeper understanding of who and what we are.

Music is used to support the activation of specific brainwave patterns that stimulate a waking dream-like state of lucid consciousness. Heightened vibratory responses within the brain, body and being shift elements of the unified field and its interactions with electricity, memory, emotion, collective thought, vision, resonance, and frequency.

If you should choose to attend our Koh Phangan Full Moon Ceremony, you should bring with you, a Sarong or a jacket for warmth, an eye cover, your journal and an object to charge at the altar such as crystals or cards etc.

We also have a new infrared sauna to use if you would like to fully relax your body and mind before the ceremony, it is open from 5pm to 6.45 on the day of the ceremony.

If you would like to come join our tribe at Orion Healing Centre and join in on the Koh Phangan Full Moon Ceremony, please do not hesitate to contact us through the various channels we have on our website and social media platforms.

Koh Phangan Full Moon Ceremony was last modified: February 11th, 2023 by Orion