Juice Retreat  & Cleanse Thailand

In recent years, Juice Retreat and Cleanses Thailand have been increasing in popularity around the world.

What is a Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a detox diet in which you drink the juice of vegetables and fruit for consecutive days to cleanse your body of processed substances such as caffeine, refined sugars, meat, and other processed foods.

We provide a Juice Retreat and cleanse in Koh Phangan, Thailand, at Orion Healing Centre, we have created a programme which has been used thousands of times with great success. We will guide you through the process, with staff on hand to help you with your detox journey. We have an 11-day package which includes a 7-and-a-half-day juice cleanse to clear out and create new cells to help invigorate your mind and body.

On this 11-day journey of your Juice Retreat and Cleanse Thailand, you will be given 11 nights accommodation at Orion Healing Centre in Koh Phangan, this accommodation can be tailored to your needs and budget, from shared rooms to private AC rooms. Within these 11 days you will be given your programme of 2 pre-cleanse days, 7 fasting days and 2 post-cleanse days, which will slowly reintroduce your body back into solid foods with our carefully tailored meals provided by our award-winning café.

The staff we have at Orion are brilliant and always happy to help your achieve your goals. You will be provided with different cleansing tonics and drinks which you are able to select off of a menu that has been produced by nutritionists to give you the most nourishment and detoxifying cleanse possible.

Include in the Juice Retreat and cleanse are 2 daily yoga classes, 2 Thai massages, 1 Reiki treatment and use of the sauna. These treatments are done on site at Orion Healing Centre, Koh Phangan, by trained professionals.

Koh Phangan as an island is an incredible place to be, even for a short while. A small island situated in the Gulf of Thailand, it is hot most of the year round, the sun is usually out and the jungle blankets most of the island. Large hills and beautiful beaches and bays make up most of the island and the views from on top of the hills are incredible. Orion is located in a small village in Srithanu Bay, the village itself is very quiet with friendly locals and a few ex-pats here and there. You can do many activities around the island, such as renting a car, motorbike, or a bicycle to traverse this glorious place. Walks into the jungle or finding different bays and beaches that are spread around the coastline, you can also rent a boat for the day to take you for a tour around the island to see it from a different perspective.

If you are searching for a Juice Retreat and Cleanse Thailand, Orion Healing Centre is a great place to do it. Please contact us to hear more about the retreat via any one of our social media platforms.

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