Benefits of an intensive colon cleansing program

If you are experiencing brain fog, upset and gassy stomach, or low immunity even though you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet, exercise daily or take part in yoga sessions, the problem may well come from accumulated toxins mucoid plaques in your gut. 

Your intestines play a major role in getting rid of toxins in the body. All the cellular structures and most importantly the liver which is an important purification organ in our bodies rely heavily on our colon to perform properly. While maintaining a well-functioning colon, of course, it takes waste out of your body but in addition to that, it helps dissolve the residue of nutrients from digested food and facilitate their reuse for the body. Basically, your intestines are responsible to identify and get rid of toxins and redistribution of vital nutrients. Normally, an adult would have an average of 5 kg of waste in their colon even with a proper daily bowel movement. When there is too much accumulated mucoid plaque on the walls of your intestines, it creates the right environment for all sorts of harmful parasites, yeast, viruses and bacteria. Because of blockages in our colon, most of us are not able to fully get rid of all the toxins in our body and over time we face a lot of different health issues. 

Taking part in colon cleansing programs can solve this issue! By detoxifying your intestines, we can roll back all the harm and put the nutrients distribution process and hormones back on track. If we don’t clear the blocked passages in the clone the toxins accumulated there would result in all sorts of health issues such as hormonal issues, fatigue, weight problems, upset stomach, brain fog among many other more complicated health issues.

What are the different ways to cleanse the colon and which one is best for you?

A colema colon detox program would be a more effective cleanse. It uses an average of 16 liters of warm water with some added ingredients such as vitamins, garlic, coffee and so on which relieves a number of health issues. The water is constantly flowing inside the colon so holding it inside is not needed as it moves and cleanse the large intestine.

An enema uses around 1 to 2 liters of water with similar added ingredients is flushed inside the colon and is kept there for around 20 minutes and then flushed out in the toilet. This is still quite helpful but at the same time will not provide the thorough cleanse one would get with colema colon detox sessions. 

What is a colonic and how it is performed?

This colon detox procedure is conducted by a specialist by putting a speculum into your rectum. Warm water is directed inside the digestive system. This system is a closed cycle so the waste is driven out through the drainage line. The process can be a cause of some small discomfort in certain individuals but it is totally safe. It provides a faster and more effective way to get rid of all the toxins during a detox programme or retreat. 

At Orion Healing Centre located in the beautiful Island of Koh Phangan, Thailand we recommend that a detox program, which includes a colema cleanse, should be undertaken at least once per year, in order to reset good health, regain your immunity, digestive system function, vitality and stamina.

There are different detox programs at Orion Healing Center where you can choose what detox routine suits you best. There are available programs from one day detox, a 4-day colon and fasting program, an 11 nights vitality juice detox, and a 28 nights program to renew and revitalize your colon.

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