Healthy Living Retreat Thailand

During the pandemic healthy living took a bit of a backseat as restrictions were placed on exercising, pretty much everywhere around the world. To stop the spread of the infection, exercise was deemed to be a risk for people partaking in it, especially in the various forms of group exercise that are now common place – team sports, group classes and crowded gyms being places where it could spread.

You could choose to try to keep up your regime of healthy living during this time, but it was much harder to do for most people, well done if you managed it! Now the world has re-opened, for the most part, lots of people around the globe are trying to get back on track, what better way to kick-start your journey than a Healthy Living Retreat Thailand? Come to Koh Phangan, a small island in the Gulf of Thailand and join Orion Healing Centre in getting you on the right path.

We offer courses in Healthy Living, during your retreat you will absorb all of our pooled knowledge of a healthy life.

We focus on the three main areas of well being and wellness;

The mind

Through mediation, breathing activities and other spaces to focus your mind.

The Body

Through exercise, daily yoga lessons and courses, jungle walks and other physical activity.

The Spirit

Through mediation, reiki, and holistic therapies.

By offering all of these activities during your stay, we hope to send you back home feeling better and on track for a life of healthy living for years to come.

If you are topping up on your healthy lifestyle or if you are just starting your journey to a healthy life, we believe that this mix of experiences can change peoples outlook on what a life of healthy living looks like and encourage people to try it at Orion Healing Centre.

Collectively we have decades of experience in the wellness sector. Across all of the staff at Orion, any questions you have about your Healthy Living Retreat Thailand, we should be able to answer together. We have a diverse group of people from all walks of life here, even some who came to Orion as students but have decided to stay and have ended up working at Orion!

Our plant-based, award-winning café is on site and open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food that we serve at Orion Healing Centre is nutritionally balanced and tastes fantastic. With some courses, the food is included in the package.

If you are looking for a Healthy Living Retreat Thailand, then look no further than Orion Healing Centre, contact us and take a step in the right direction!

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