Full Moon Ceremony Koh Phangan

Whether or not you have been to Koh Phangan, you may have heard of the full moon party, a large festival type of gathering on one of the beaches of Koh Phangan.

A Full Moon Ceremony is definitely not the same type of thing. At Orion Healing Centre, we hold these ceremonies on a regular basis, viewing the full moon from our small island is quite special. It is a time of illumination and can shine a light on things you may not notice or acknowledge.

We gather as a tribe for the full moon preparation circle, and progress into using Oracle cards and InnerDance.

For about two and a half hours the ceremony will last, Oracle card reading in pairs for a short time will help you to connect to your inner wisdom and to the universe. Oracle cards bypass the thinking mind and help you see what your conscious mind can’t see.

Folowed up by using InnerDance, to meditate to guide you into expanded states of consciousness. It is an intuitive and organic state of expanded consciousness that acts as a gateway or portal towards wholeness and a deeper understanding of who and what we are.

Music is used to support the activation of specific brainwave patterns that stimulate a waking dream-like state of lucid consciousness. Heightened vibratory responses within the brain, body and being shift elements of the unified field and its interactions with electricity, memory, emotion, collective thought, vision, resonance, and frequency.

By using these techniques, we, the staff, and leaders of Orion Healing Centre can help guide you through your full moon ceremony whether it be your first one or you are a veteran of our Full Moon Ceremony Koh Phangan. We will be there to help you through it in any way we can.

Orion Healing Centre is a small community, situated in a jungle setting, it is quiet and slightly hidden from the outside world. The perfect place to meditate, increase your spiritual awareness and also to just bathe in the moon light given off by the fantastic full moon. Koh Phangan on the whole is a lot quieter than the full moon party would suggest. It is a small island with few residents who live there all year round.

If you would like to participate in the full moon ceremony Koh Phangan, then please do not hesitate to contact Orion Healing Centre through our website or the various social media channels.

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