Considering a Yoga Teacher Training?

Establishing a profound yoga practice leads most of us to a lifelong love affair. You probably start to notice the benefits and a multi-faceted exploration of yourself begins. Still – you´ll likely want more and set your path towards the next level.

Many dedicated yogis, therefore, desire to immerse in a Yoga Teacher Training. Whether your intention is to become a teacher, you desire to strengthen your commitment to your practice or you want to get a deeper knowledge about yoga – a teacher training serves all purposes.

A training will engage you in a process of living into your heart yet emphasize practical and accessible approaches to living your yoga. You will likely find yourself filled with both excitement and anxiety as it will be an intense personal and professional journey.

Therefore, we have put together a simple, yet potent article for all you yogis who desire a teacher training.

Finding the right teacher training

Once you set the intention of attending yoga teacher training, most of us are faced with the seemingly unlimited availabilities and possibilities of training around the world. This is probably confusing due to the broad variety of styles, lengths, timetables and approaches.

Here are the top 10 questions to ask when choosing a yoga teacher training:

  1. What style of yoga do you want to train in – hatha, vinyasa, yin, ashtanga etc?
  2. Do you want to combine the training with anything else other than yoga? For example, many courses offer massage, myofascial release and other combinations? At Orion, we offer different programs such as our unique
  3. Do you meet the prerequisite requirements to attend the course?
  4. What is your budget?
  5. Does the training include all food and drinks? Are there any extras you’d need to pay for?
  6. Can you take a full month off work to do the one-month intensive course?
  7. Would a less intensive longer-term course with long weekends work better so you don’t need to take all that time off at once?
  8. Is there a particular country you’ve always wanted to visit as you could search for courses in that country?
  9. Ensure to factor in the cost of flights and any transfer costs that normally aren’t included in the price of training?
  10. Look at the trainer’s bios. Do you resonate with their style of teaching and experience?


How to prepare for your yoga teacher training

The best way to prepare is to attend daily yoga classes in the style of yoga you want to teach. Whether you are doing yoga online, flowing by yourself or attending a class in a studio – the most important is to get used to a regular, steady and connected practice. If it’s possible for you, try to attend two classes per day prior to the training so you get used to practicing yoga for up to 3 hours per day. Ensure you have enough yoga pants to take with you on the training. Also, bring a few notebooks as you will be writing a lot of notes during the course.

How to know you’re ready for a yoga teacher training

If you have the interest to teach yoga or simply want to deepen your own practice and are physically capable of practicing 3+ hours of yoga per day, then you are ready to attend a course. It probably doesn’t matter if you’ve already been practicing yoga for several years or started a year ago as most of the training courses are suitable for beginners. See ours here.

Questions to ask yourself prior to the training

Ask yourself, if you are dedicated and passionate enough to push through as a teacher training will be an intensive and challenging month – both physically and mentally. Begin your journey with awareness, openness and vision. Surrender and take the path of strengthening, stabilizing and emotionally enriching. In short: if you are all over yoga and are ready to deepen your knowledge then you are ready for it.

What to expect at a yoga teacher training?

Your day starts with meditation and yoga practice. The rest of the day is filled with lectures on alignment, anatomy, yoga history, philosophy, and teaching techniques. Usually, you finish your day with a second yoga class in the evening.

Expect long days and any time you do have off is reserved for studying and practice teaching for the exam. But, don’t let this put you off – your passion and a deep desire for more will let you thrive through these times. It´s tough but absolutely worth it! See it as an invitation to map your highest self, through yoga, meditation, contemplation, and so much more. You’ll meet like-minded people along your journey who will become your support and potentially friends for a lifetime.

The course will help you create a deeper knowledge of yoga, finding your authentic voice in teaching others and share the relevant truths of your own practice in the service of your students. Also, you will be able to build a sustainable network of people who will support you through your individual journey and create a vision for your teaching.

Why every serious yogi should undergo an Ashtanga yoga teacher training course

Often, Ashtanga Yoga is only seen as a sequence of movements. At Orion, we teach Ashtanga yoga as a way of life. It serves as clear guidance you can resonate with while learning the basics of posture, breath, and flow. Besides, it is a widely practiced style around the world, therefore, serves as a profound base for your yoga journey. Ashtanga Yoga is a great foundation for other varieties you might want to deepen your practice in afterward so you can continually evolve the guidance that you share with the world.

The benefits of detoxing combined with a yoga teacher training

Detoxing and a yoga teacher training is a great combination as you are in a healing and nourishing environment, which allows profound change and evolvement. At Orion, we offer carefully designed pre-cleanses prior to the teacher training to restore your body’s natural self-healing abilities. This way you are able to attend the training healthily, energized and healed. As a detox mostly comes with a clearer mind, heightened intuition, and an allowance for more positive possibilities to enter our lives, it is the best way to prepare for the upcoming month.


How much experience do you need before doing a yoga teacher training?

A minimum of 1 years’ yoga practice within the style you are going to train in is enough experience. As mentioned, you should be physically able to practice 3+ hours of yoga per day for the one-month period of the training. You don’t need to know any of the theory sides of yoga as you will learn all of that on the course. Often, the teachers recommend certain books you should study prior to the training. Here is a list of some popular books you often find amongst these.

TESTIMONIAL – Rebecca Hass, Germany

How doing a yoga teacher training changed my life?

I went from working 40+ hours per week in an office corporate job sitting at a desk all day to teach no more than 20 hours per week and doing something I love. Being able to pass on something you love to others is truly a pleasure. The rewards are massive as you get to see how people improve and how much people enjoy and appreciate the class. You also improve your own communication skills and how you relate to people and gain a deeper understanding of how yoga can positively impact peoples’ lives.

My Top 10 yoga teacher trainings in Thailand

I only know Orion in Koh Phangan and The Sanctuary in Koh Samui. Thailand, in general, is a great place for different types of yoga – from Hatha to Ashtanga or Yin Yoga. What I personally liked about Orion is that the groups of students are rather small, so the community and atmosphere are very nourishing, uplifting and intimate. In my experience, this, in particular, enables personal and spiritual growth.

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