Yin Yoga is a modern style of yoga which was developed by a martial arts expert and Taoist yoga teacher, Paulie Zink, as a more meditative yoga practice. Yin Yoga incorporates familiar poses from Hatha Yoga that are used to cool the body and deepen the breath. These gentle movements set the stage for deeper relaxation with restorative postures which stretch the ligaments, tendons, and fascia of the body. Held for three to five minutes, Yin Yoga asanas allow the body to open up to its depths while leaving you in total state of relaxation.

This class offers the chance to cultivate inner stillness for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. The Yin practice is great as a stand-alone but also excellent for yogis with an active, stronger practice who want to deeply stretch and restore connective tissues in the body, as well as increase circulation and flexibility of muscles and joints. Restore, revitalize, and relax!

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