Why you need to roll yourself into a detox program

What we refer to as detox or cleanse programs are a series of techniques to make sure to get rid of all the excess toxins from our bodies. These different methods can target the whole body or focused practices that aims to detoxify certain organs such as colon or liver. We are taking in all these toxins every day. It’s in the water we drink, the air we breathe and often times the food we consume. They can be in the form of heavy metals, synthetic components or other polluting substances. 

Which detox method is the best for me?

While there are a variety of proven methods to detox our bodies, one of the most practiced methods is by rethinking our diet. It usually takes place by a certain period of fasting along with a diet that revolves around vegetables, fruits, freshly juiced drinks, and clean water. In addition to those, some methods involved certain herbal remedies and teas along with dietary supplements. 

Detox diets help us reset our bodily functions through better diet choices and a change in our daily lifestyle. It can help us relieve ourselves from all sorts of health problems such as allergies, upset stomach, inflammation, digestive problems, immune system diseases, and fatigue. It can also be super beneficial for individuals suffering from obesity and arthritis. 

Benefits of detoxing, cleansing and fasting

The primary benefit that a detox program would bring you is the reinstatement of the body’s inner healing process. On the first 12 hours of your detox program, the body stops the metabolism process then all the energy that the body uses to digest food will be used to start the process of self-repair. 

Detox programs would also bring other benefits which include better brain function, weight loss, shinier skin, enhanced senses and better sleep which would bring us better overall life experience.

Detox at Orion Healing

If you have never done a Detox, at Orion Healing Centre we count with specialists that will help you get introduced and comfortable with a simple 4-day detox, an 11-day detox or a 28-day program. Experience what we call a total rejuvenation of your colon function at Orion Healing Centre in Koh Phangan in a memorable experience that prepares your body to start a new chapter in your life. Our intense detoxification programs will give you a chance to take all your new learnings back home and revamp your lifestyle completely!


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