5 Reasons for Drinking Lemon Water

There are many factors in our lives that cause our bodies to become out of balance and not function at optimal health.  Stress plays a big factor in staying healthy which is why it is important to introduce stress-relieving activities into your life such as yoga and meditation, spending time in nature or taking time to pursue your creative passions. Eating food that is heavily processed or filled with unnatural chemicals puts added stress on the body too. This is why it is important to detox from time to time. We can do this by eliminating harmful things from our diet but we can also detox by introducing certain things that will provide support to our bodies. Simply by introducing a few healthy habits into your lifestyle will make all the difference in your health and prevent you from feeling run down. Today we will be discussing the benefits of adding one simple ingredient into your daily routine: Yes we’re talking about Lemon Water!

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We have put together a few reasons why it’s a good idea to add Lemon Water to your diet. Here they are:

1. It Cleanses Your System!
Lemon juice is an amazing source of Vitamin C and by drinking just one glass of lemon juice and water each morning, you are increasing your immune systems’ resistance to diseases. Your body is then also able to cleanse your entire system, flushing out harmful chemicals and toxins! Lemon water also helps to increase the production of enzymes that stimulate liver detoxification. When your liver is functioning optimally, your body is able to remain in a state of health and balance. Due to its high levels of vitamin C, potassium and ascorbic acid content, it provides anti-inflammatory properties which help to control blood pressure levels and aids in the treatment of various respiratory issues.

2. It Helps To Clear Your Skin.
Drinking lemon water has amazing benefits for your skin! It helps to heal blemishes, assists in eliminating bacteria that cause acne, revitalizes and fights any free radicals that could potentially harm the skin as well as delaying the process of aging! This leads to a youthful and more glowing complexion.

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3. Lemons Help To Balance pH Levels Within The Body
The citric and ascorbic acid found in lemons helps to alkalize the blood and as a result, they have the ability to balance the acidity in the body. According to many studies, when the body’s pH is acidic, there is a higher likelihood that disease will occur. We always want to aim for our bodies to remain in an alkaline state so that we are free of these ailments. Regular consumption of lemon water can normalize the acidity in the body and thus, prevents disease. Another great benefit of drinking lemon water is its assistance in boosting energy levels as well as improving your mood, thereby fighting stress and depression.

4. Drinking Lemon Water Promotes Healing
As mentioned above, lemon water has the ability to heal scars and blemishes on the skin but it also helps to heal and maintain healthy tissues, cartilages, and bones! Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, lemons promote great health and fast recovery from injuries and stress. When combined with other vitamins and minerals, its effectiveness is even more potent. The lymph system plays a huge role in the health of our body’s immune system. When we are dehydrated, you will notice the symptoms of sluggishness, tiredness and a drop in the immune system, which leads to blood pressure imbalance, constipation, stress, low energy levels, a scattered mind with unfocused thoughts, as well as insomnia. Drinking lemon water can compensate for these imbalances as well as hydrate the body and replace lost fluids.


5. Drinking Lemon Water Aids in Weight Loss
Lemon is a great ingredient when it comes to dieting and losing weight because of its pectin containing a set of polysaccharides with gel-like properties. This is a fiber that helps to fight food cravings and triggers your body to stop eating once you are full. According to our experience at Orion Healing, people who follow an alkaline diet tend to have better overall health and lose weight much faster.

So there are your 5 benefits of drinking Lemon Water! It is especially beneficial to add a glass of lemon water into your daily routine at the change of the season. We are approaching the Northern Hemisphere’s Spring equinox and the Southern Hemisphere’s Autumn equinox this month! For those of you who are not able to live with us in the tropics all year long, introducing lemon water to your day will prevent you from getting any conditions that sometimes occur around the change of the season.

Give it a try and enjoy all the benefits of this amazing, yellow ball of health!

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