28 Days of Fasting and Detox: Heal Your Body, Clear Your Mind

I recently finished a 21 day water fast in Koh Phangan, Thailand, went on a deep journey to my inner essence as well as experienced profound healing on a physical, mental and emotional level. I opted for the 28 nights renew and revitalise program at Orion Healing Centre, which promises to be a potent way to overall rejuvenation and restoration of the body from the inside out. As it is a blend of their unique fasting protocol and their healthy living holiday program, I did not only lose a lot of weight during my stay but also felt all of my energy levels restored after working full-time as a raw-vegan chef all around the world for the last few years. Besides the beautiful connections I made here, I tried many of the complementary holistic healing therapies the Centre offers, such as Reiki, Chi Nei Tsang, Yoga as well as Thai Massage. A lot of emotions came up for me during the detox program but I received great support and professional guidance from the whole Wellness Team which made the process I went through more easeful.  Another great benefit of the program I chose is that guests tend to get a much longer integration and reintroduction of healthy foods in comparison to Orion’s shorter programs. Therefore, I luckily had the opportunity to nourish myself for some days with blissful and delicious vegan meals from Orion Café after my fasting.  I decided to stay another month on Koh Phangan to enjoy the beauty and bounty of the island as well as the amazing raw vegan cakes and healthy desserts at Orion Cafe, which was exactly what I needed after my detox.

About Orion Healing Centre

Orion Healing Centre was founded 15 years ago by Daliah and Ari Barkan with the intention to create an organic movement of change through people’s lifestyle and food choices. Orion’s concept is based on a holistic approach, starting from their accommodation, nestled in a tropical setting, to their vibrant award-winning plant-based cuisine. The beachfront Healing Centre is located in the Gulf of Thailand, on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan.

About Orion’s programs

Whether visiting Orion seeking detoxification, relaxation, general health improvement, or emotional and mental balance, guests will embark on a profound journey towards healing and holistic well-being.  Orion understands that everybody is unique; and for that reason, each one of Orion’s wellness programmes is unique and accommodating. They tailor all healing holiday retreats to meet individual needs and style, preferences for length of stay, and accommodate changes in their guests’ diet. Each individualised programme begins with a comprehensive wellness consultation with an expert to achieve the most effective results. Holistic treatments within a tailored detox plan stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities and eliminate toxins, such as sound healing, Reiki, Thai Herbal massage, and acupuncture.

Choose the retreat that suits you!

People can choose between a variety of programs such as the signature 11 nights fasting and colon cleanse program, the 14 nights ultimate transformation (a fusion of two popular programs – detox and yoga) or a 16 nights lighter you program, which combines fasting and intermittent fasting for a maximum of weight loss, resetting eating habits and cleaning the digestive tract. Orion as well offers juice fasting retreats and healthy living lifestyle retreats, which are providing a perfect opportunity to enjoy the peaceful, healing environment and use it as a stepping stone to more balance, health & vitality.

Thank you Orion for this transformational time and your incredible support!

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