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Come and try their raw food. It’s divine!

Marta, Poland

Of all the special elements of Orion…the staff is the no 1 thing about Orion. …Amazing people, beautiful with open hearts.

Byron, Australia

A great place to get away… pure eating really good food, smiles sauna.

Michael, USA

Orion has it all – great healthy food, detox retreats and holistic training with caring support. I was so inspired by overall retreat atmosphere.

Gabriela, Czechoslovakia

This place is terrific! The experience that I have received was the best that could happen to me. With warmth in the heart I think about beautiful Orion, lovely support staff, great yoga with Narendra, delicious food and unforgettable Thai massage 🙂 Thank you very much for everything!

Dasha Sergeyko

Wonderful people, wonderful staff. Put my feet deeply into the ground and my head full of new wisdom.

Hiske Elisa Bongaarts

The Orion family keeps growing and spreading friendships across the word. I know having kept in touch with detoxers 3 years ago it has really made huge difference to my life.


Good people, good energy, good food, good yoga. I would recommend Orion any day! Keep up the good work

Bobs Uruncle

I had a fantastic time here. Great food at Orion Cafe.

Alexandra Kay

Beautiful location, beautiful people, don’t miss it if you’re on the island.

Jennie Ball

Nice restaurant with excellent hummus and chapatis 🙂

Pavel, Russia